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What makes Georgian Dental® your best choice?

There’s nothing uncommon about the practise of orthodontics. Misalignment of the teeth and/or jaw, also known as malocclusion, is so commonplace (70% of all adults suffer with some form of this dental affliction), that every dental clinic has an orthodontist on staff to help their patients achieve their straightest smiles possible.

But if everyone offers the same solutions, you might ask, couldn’t you go anywhere and get the same result? But that’s not entirely the case. The services offered by most orthodontists look very similar when you examine them on paper. It’s when they put the experience of the individual dentists, and the technology their clinics provide, into practice that makes the real difference.

In this article, we’ll explore why we think Georgian Dental® has the best braces in Barrie, trying to put aside our obvious bias.

The Georgian Dental® Difference

What makes Georgian Dentist your best pick for orthodontics in Barrie?  Essentially, it boils down to three things.

  • We have a dedicated and experienced dental team with over half a century of combined experience
  • We’ve made significant investments back into the clinic to ensure we’re using the latest orthodontics technology – like our iTero Element 3D orthodontic scanner – which helps us formulate your orthodontics treatment by providing a 3D scan of your teeth in conjunction with digital x-ray imaging.
  • We offer a great range of services to choose from – Invisalign, Fast Braces, Ceramic & Traditional metal braces.

Experienced Staff

In the 30+ years Georgian Dental® has been operating (check out our BBB rating), we’ve put together a top-of-the-line dental team including some of the best orthodontists in the business. But it’s more than that. Our team is not only well-trained, skilled, and efficient. They’re also compassionate and dedicated to patient education. They know that getting your teeth straightened can be a long and involved process and you’re going to have a lot of questions. That’s great. We have answers to all those questions and more.

Your orthodontist team wants to make sure you have the best possible experience. From your initial ortho consultation, we’ll sit down with you, go over all your options, and make sure the decision you make is both well-informed and treated with respect.

Orthodontics—An Overview

In a nutshell, orthodontics is all about aligning your teeth and your jaws for a great smile and improved oral health. Because their harder to brush and floss, misaligned, crooked teeth are at increased risk for tooth decay, plaque buildup, and gum disease. Dental appliances—like braces and Invisalign trays help straighten your teeth, close gaps between teeth, correct bite irregularities, and bring your whole jaw, teeth and lips into proper alignment.

Today’s orthodontics offer a wide range of treatment options from traditional metal braces to invisible plastic liners and ceramic clear braces, so you can get an orthodontal plan as individualized as you are. Appliances come in a variety of materials like ceramic, metal, and plastic and can either be removable or bonded straight to your teeth. The sleek and modern designs of our modern dental appliances focus on style and discretion. Brackets and wires are now far less noticeable, and stronger, too.  Your teeth will be moved into position quicker than ever—and with less discomfort.

And braces aren’t just for kids anymore. Anyone at any age can get braces and look great in the process. These days, many of our orthodontal patients are adults who are finally getting the smiles they’ve always wanted that look great and are easier to maintain—and you can, too.

Below, we’ll examine the four basic options Georgian Dental® offers for straightening your teeth.

Invisalign Braces

Sometimes advances in science seem more like science fiction come to life. Such is the case of Invisalign, a system of straightening teeth with plastic liners that’s a complete departure from traditional metal braces. Using these removable, almost invisible liners, you can discretely realign your smile without having to tell anyone. Eat and drink whatever you want, brush and floss like normal. And do it all with confidence knowing there’s no metal in your mouth and no risk of mouth abrasions.

During your treatment, you’ll typically use 12–30 incremental liners that you’ll wear for about two weeks each. You’ll wear them all the time except when you eat or drink, brush or floss. Your teeth will move gradually and without pain. During this process, you’ll visit your orthodontist every six to eight weeks for a treatment period of six to 15 months.

Fast Braces (Accelerated Braces)

Fast or accelerated braces were introduced to Muskoka-Simcoe County in 2016 by our very own Dr. Adam Tan. As the name suggests, these braces are faster than traditional braces, delivering results in anywhere from two thirds to half the time in comparison. If you and a friend choose to get braces at the same time, you could be wearing a retainer while they’re still wearing traditional braces. Some of our patients are back enjoying their normal routine—including all the foods they love—in as little as 20 weeks.

Old-fashioned braces take so long because the tops and roots of your teeth must be moved in separate sequential steps. With accelerated braces, the whole tooth—from root to tip—moves in a single, fluid motion, drastically reducing the length of your overall treatment. This method has been meticulously crafted for better oral stability with less chance of orthodontic relapse.

Ceramic Braces (Clear Braces)

Ceramic braces are designed using the same structural principles as traditional braces but using more high-tech materials such as dental ceramics. This way, the brackets that adhere to your teeth can come in a variety of colours. We can match the colour of your teeth or use invisible brackets. Even the wire can be colour-matched to blend seamlessly with your smile. Some people may not even notice you’re wearing braces.

Due to their aesthetic appeal in comparison to their more traditional metal counterparts, ceramic braces are especially popular with adult and teenaged patients.

The brackets in ceramic braces are sturdy and dependable, crafted from the same material used to make dental crowns and other dental restoration implants. They’re strong enough to correct all manner of orthodontal problems, including gaps, crowding, overlapping teeth, and overbites.

Metal Braces

Mention metal braces and people think back to the early days of orthodontics with its giant headgear, big brackets, and industrial-strength dental wire. But even though the material used to make them is still pretty much the same, today’s metal braces are considerably smaller, flatter, and much less noticeable. They also use modern heat-activated arch-wires that move your teeth in line quicker and with less pain with the help of your natural body heat.

Metal braces are still a very common choice for our younger patients. These sturdy braces can handle a wide range of orthodontic problems such as straightening, realignment, gaps, and overbites. Yes, there is a bit of social stigma that comes with metal braces. They are more noticeable and can feel more cumbersome for the patient. But they’re still a great way to get your smile straightened cost-effectively. And if your treatment is properly administered—as it would be here at Georgian Dental®—they’ll be relatively free of discomfort as well.

Orthodontics, the Georgian Dental® Way

While there may not be anything special about dentists that offer orthodontal care in general, you’re still going to get exceptional orthodontal care at Georgian Dental® in Barrie. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff want to make sure you get the best treatment possible for your best smile ever. And the range of services we offer is second to none.

Take Advantage of our Free Orthodontics Consults!

Don’t put off having the smile of your dreams any longer. Contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation to get started, or learn more about Invisalign, accelerated braces, ceramic braces, or traditional metal braces.

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