Fast Braces

Why wait for the perfect smile? Fast braces get you to the finished line faster than traditional braces without sacrificing safety or paying a premium. Georgian Dental® is the first dental clinic in Muskoka-Simcoe County to introduce this proven method. Compared to classical, conventional orthodontic therapy, Georgian Dental® unique approach to Accelerated Braces can get the desired results in about half the time and with noticeably less discomfort.



Dr. Tan’s unique method of Accelerated Orthodontics utilizes a combination of subsonic wave therapy and phototherapy in conjunction with a unique orthodontic bracket design and innovative orthodontic wire technology.

Accelerating the Process

Braces are an important necessity for many people, but accepting that you need braces can be difficult. If you’ve decided to get braces, remember that straightening your teeth can be a truly positive experience, one that’s important for both your oral health and your own emotional wellbeing. It’s a difference maker that can improve biting, chewing and eating. It will make you feel more confident and give you a megawatt smile that matches your personality.


Before someone gets braces, the typical motions are: initial dread followed by a small sense of novelty. That novelty wears off sometime after choosing the colour of elastics. Then it’s about adjusting and waiting while you count the days until you are free of those pesky metal squares on your teeth. What if the waiting and counting stages were significantly shorter? What if you could be hindered for only half the amount of time?


The arduous treatment period, spanning almost 2 years, may not be in the best interest of the patients as it can negatively affect their lives, confidence or they could simply burn out. Throughout his career, Dr. Tan adhered to the philosophy of ‘Treating the face’, which recognizes that orthodontics affect more than just one’s teeth and oral cavities. With classical orthodontics, expediting treatment meant performing painful extractions and causing changes to facial profiles. Dr. Tan realized that something had to be done to reduce the amount of time that someone needed to wear their braces without sacrificing other areas of their well-being.


Georgian Dental® designed an express lane to a beautiful smile and healthier, straighter teeth called Accelerated Braces. This system treats dental arches, which are carefully developed using the integration of medical technologies to yield positive results. The clever integration of subsonic and phototherapy helps the biological components that support teeth movement turn over more quickly. As well, vascular supply to body cells called osteoclasts and osteoblasts are stimulated. This process enables more efficient bone deposition and removal by those cells and allows for safe and quicker results.


While perfectly healthy for adults, this unique process works best in developing jaws found in pre-teens and teenaged patients.

Next Steps

Contact Georgian Dental® to schedule your free no-obligation consultation or learn more about Fast Braces. You can also register for a free patient seminar on this unique orthodontic process and find out if you are a suitable candidate. Dr. Tan provides all the information about the unique orthodontic process and alternative options at no cost and no-obligation.

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