Fast Braces

Georgian Dental® is the first dental clinic to introduce a faster way to get straighter teeth that is both affordable and safe for our patients. Compared to classical, conventional orthodontic therapy, Georgian Dental® Accelerated Braces can get the results our patient demand in about half the time and with noticeably less discomfort, as reported by our patients.

Dr. Tan’s unique method of Accelerated Orthodontics utilizes a combination of sonic and phototherapy in conjunction with a unique orthodontic bracket design and space age orthodontic wire technology.

Accelerating the Process

We have found that while getting braces placed and being able to pick elastic colors may seem ‘cool’, the novelty of wearing braces tends to wear off very quickly. Often times, extended treatment times, with the intention of ‘gentle forces’ and ‘perfecting skeletal alignment’ may be significant and important philosophically for some practitioners. The extended treatment times, spanning almost 2 years may not be in the best interest of the patients as those patients can become burnt out. Dr. Tan places a higher priority to the philosophy of ‘Treating to the face’. Which used to mean that treatment time took significantly longer as teeth were not extracted, in-order to create space. With classical orthodontics, extractions were done simply to speed up treatment. But the repercussions were unfortunate and long lasting flattened facial profiles.

Instead, with Georgian Dental® Accelerated Braces, dental arches are carefully developed using the integration of medical technologies mentioned earlier to get results that are more pleasing. Facial profiles that are not sunken in – so often the result that characterizes teeth extraction cases – are absolutely avoided. The integration of sonic and phototherapy helps the biological components that support teeth movement turn over more quickly. Vascular supply to body cells called osteoclasts and osteoblasts is stimulated. This process enables more efficient bone deposition or removal by those cells and allows for safe and fast results.

This unique process works best in developing jaws found in pre-teens and teenaged patients. The more developed densities of adult patients will also benefit from the unique process.

Next Steps

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