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Are you looking to straighten your teeth and find a solution to shorten the amount of time required to achieve beautifully straight teeth?

Fast Braces can help you reach that goal and provide you with the straighter smile you’ve always wanted in significantly less time than traditional orthodontic treatments.

Georgian Dental has helped many patients in need of orthodontics to shorten their treatment timelines using the unique Fast Braces approach to straightening and aligning the teeth to optimum placement in the jaw, and correcting issues related to bite patterns and tooth crowding.

Read on to learn if Fast Braces sound like an option you’d like to explore.

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Why Are Fast Braces Faster?

What Are Fast (Accelerated) Braces?

fast braces molar bands
Fast Braces Molar Band
fast braces bracket
Fast Braces Bracket
fast braces arch wires
Fast Braces Arch Wires
fast braces ligatures
Fast Braces Ligatures

At first glance, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between traditional metal braces and Fast Braces.

Fast braces consist of four main components;

1.) Bands
Bands are metal strips that wrap around the outer surface of the back molars.

2.) Brackets
Brackets are affixed with strong dental adhesives directly to the outer surface of each of the other teeth.

3.) Arch Wires
The arch wires run from the back bands through each of the brackets, with one arch wire on the top jaw, and one on the bottom. 

4.) Ligatures
The arch wires are then held in place using small elastic bands called ‘ligatures’.

The shape of the arch wires is such that a gentle, continuous pressure is exerted on the teeth in precise places to encourage gradual movement from their current position to their ideal, straighter alignment. At regular intervals, usually about once a month, the patient visits their orthodontist for an adjustment. During this appointment, the orthodontist will check progress, and replace the arch wires with a new version which will continue the movement of teeth towards their final positions.

While visually similar, the exact design of the brackets and bands in Fast Braces differs from those used in ordinary braces to increase the speed of tooth movement. In addition, the Fast Braces process also incorporates additional treatments such as subsonic wave therapy and phototherapy in order to produce accelerating effects within the gum tissue and bones of the jaw. This combination of specialized orthodontics with therapeutic sessions is the key to achieving the rapid treatment timelines that Fast Braces patients will experience.

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What Makes Fast Braces, Fast?

How Do Fast Braces Work?

Traditional braces typically move the crown into the new position first, and then continue to reposition the roots. With Fast Braces, the brackets and bands used in the treatment are shaped differently than those in traditional metal braces. This special design helps to accelerate the movement of the teeth and works to shorten the total time needed to move the teeth from their current positions to their desired final positions. This special bracket shape, working together with the customized arch wires, more efficiently distributes pressure to the right places and increases the speed of correcting the position of the roots and the crowns of the teeth simultaneously.

The other aspect of Fast Braces that makes them so fast is the addition of therapeutic sessions to the treatment plan. At regular increments, patients undergo a combination of phototherapy and subsonic wave therapy. These are performed to stimulate cells in the body known as osteoblasts and osteoclasts. These cells regulate the strength of bone material in the body by either increasing or decreasing bone density as required by the body’s natural healing processes. This stimulation provides greater comfort to the patient at each stage of the Fast Braces treatment, and speeds up the efficiency of movement of the teeth towards their final positions.

Fast Orthodontics Treatments

How Long Do Fast Braces Actually Take?

How Long Does it Take to Straighten the Teeth?

The duration of normal orthodontic treatment varies greatly from patient to patient, as each individual person will have different needs. The amount of movement needed to achieve the optimum alignment of the teeth in one person may be quite significant and take up to 36 months, while in others the change may be less dramatic and could be complete in about 12 months. With Fast Braces, these timelines can be cut down by a rather substantial amount. In many cases, the accelerated process of Fast Braces can reduce total treatment durations by about 50%, and sometimes even more. Now that’s fast!

Can Fast Braces Fix Teeth In 6 Months?

Some patients we see are in a very big hurry to get their orthodontic treatment started, and in an even bigger hurry to see it finish so they can enjoy their straighter teeth and perfect smile. For these patients, Fast Braces are usually the most desirable choice due to their short timelines and rapid results. For patients who are only in need of minor to moderate orthodontic treatments, typical braces can achieve results for them in about 12-18 months. Using Fast Braces, it’s not uncommon for these patients to reach their goals in as little as 6 months, depending on the specific circumstances of their individual case.

Are Fast Braces Worth It?

Will you be pleased with the results you’ll get from Fast Braces? Absolutely. Fast Braces offer results that are every bit as good as any other method of orthodontics treatment, but in much less time. That’s definitely something to smile about! Of course, Fast Braces aren’t going to be the ideal choice for every patient in every situation, so it’s important to have a detailed discussion with your dentist or orthodontist to be clear about what your goals are, and what you ultimately want to get out of the process. You’ll be presented with all the information you need to make an informed decision, and you’ll find out if Fast Braces will be the best choice for you.

Are Fast Braces More Expensive?

It’s tough to say exactly what braces will cost for any particular person, as there’s no way to know precisely what the treatment plan for them will include. However, in most cases the cost of braces ranges from about $3000 – $6000. For Fast Braces, the total costs are nearer to the $5000 – $6000 mark, as the accelerated treatment plan consists of different elements that are not included as part of a traditional braces treatment plan. Fortunately, most dental insurance plans cover orthodontics treatment in various capacities, so be sure to check with your benefits provider for specifics. In addition, Georgian Dental is pleased to offer convenient financing options for patients, which can help make it much easier to get the orthodontic treatment you need.


Do Fast Braces Hurt More Than Regular Braces?

Are Fast Braces Painful?

It takes gentle, contiguous pressure to get teeth to move in the jaw, which is achieved thanks to the special shape of the arch wires. However, there will come a point where the teeth will have moved as far as each particular arch wire will allow them to. This is why old arch wires are removed and new ones applied at regular intervals, to keep the teeth moving in the right direction. Each time this happens, patients will generally experience a little mild soreness as the jaw adjusts to the new level of pressure. This is perfectly normal, and subsides in a very short period of time.

Because Fast Braces move the teeth to their desired positions in less time, many people assume that this means there will be more discomfort with each adjustment than if they had opted for traditional metal braces. In actuality, this is not the case. Thanks to the unique shape of the brackets used in Fast Braces, as well as the supplementary phototherapy and subsonic wave therapy, patients with Fast Braces report no higher levels of discomfort than patients with any other type of orthodontics. In fact, many people who have Fast Braces find the therapy sessions will minimize any soreness they do experience to the point where it’s barely noticeable.

How Often Are Fast Braces Tightened?

For most people, Fast Braces will be adjusted on a 4-6 week schedule, but this interval may be different based on your unique needs. In some cases, you may be asked to come in for adjustments more often, in others your intervals may be longer. This is one question that really needs to be discussed directly with your orthodontist, as they will have a much more informed viewpoint on your specific case, and can also take into consideration what you want to ultimately achieve from the treatment.

Understanding Fast Braces

Pros & Cons

Accelerated Braces Pros & Cons

Fast Braces offer several advantages for patients in need of orthodontic treatment, but they aren’t always going to be the best choice for every patient.


  •   Requires less time to achieve the ideal tooth positions
  •   Subsonic wave & phototherapy for greater comfort
  •   Fewer clinic visits over the course of treatment


  •   May be slightly more expensive than traditional metal braces
  •   May not be the most viable for more complex cases
  •   More visually noticeable than Invisalign invisible braces

Fast Braces Vs. Invisalign

It’s easy to see why Fast Braces are so popular, as they can offer spectacular results in such a short time. However, many patients are still not eager to have metal braces visible on their teeth for several months over the course of treatment. Fortunately, there is another orthodontic method that offers patients beautifully straight, perfectly aligned teeth, without any visible metal appliances directly attached to the teeth. It’s known as the Invisalign system, and instead of visible wires and metal brackets, it uses virtually invisible clear plastic tooth aligners to achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

Find out more about the innovative Invisalign clear braces, and book an appointment today to find out if Invisalign orthodontics is right for you.

Getting Started

Complimentary Consultation

Planning is the most essential fist step in a successful outcome. This begins with your first consultation, where you’ll meet with one of our skilled dental surgeons, who will perform a thorough evaluation of your current oral state, discuss what your goals are, and listen to any of your concerns. From there, together we’ll develop a tailored treatment plan that will deliver the results you’re after.

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