Solving Complex Dental Issues

Introducing ConfidentURe®

The team at Georgian Dental® are always looking to develop new techniques and procedures. This is why we developed ConfidentURe®, to helps patients receive better care for their teeth and gums, through providing effective long-term treatment planning, something many clinics struggle with. Our goal is to offer our patients comprehensive services to solve complex issues affecting the mouth, jaw, teeth and gums.

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Who’s A Candidate For Confidenture®?

Understanding Terminal Dentition

Confidenture® includes a full lifetime warranty on all dental implants used, and a 5 year warranty on implant supported prosthetics.

Terminal dentition refers to the point in time where one’s teeth have so many problems that they must be replaced with new teeth. Terminal dentition can be caused by many issues including:

  • Gum disease
  • Genetics
  • Drug addiction
  • Dry mouth
  • Cavities
  • Long term smoking
  • Trauma & accidents
  • Poor oral hygiene

Terminal dentition development normally takes years and is caused by more than one issue.

Dr. Tan’s ConfidentURe® process starts by determining if you are an appropriate candidate for treatment ranging from partial rehabilitation to whole mouth reconstruction, which will include the replacement of bone, gum and teeth.

From there, we will plan a proper treatment suited to your situation. Ultimately, the goal with ConfidentURe® is amazing results without you having to experience discomfort or more time in the dentist’s chair then needed.

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More About ConfidentURe®

Full & Partial Mouth Reconstructions

Have you invested in dentistry work only to be told that it now needs to be replaced? Replacing existing dentistry is costly and time consuming. Sometimes this rapid deterioration of dental restoration occurs despite the best intentions—if this is the case, then you may have ‘terminal dentition.’

Developed by Dr. Adam Tan, ConfidentURe® is a unique method used to identify, treat and maintain patients who have ‘terminal dentition’. Using published, proven tilted implant concepts, computer guided treatment design and time tested biomechanics, the ConfidentURe® process will help patients get long lasting results.

We’ve seen our patients transform and finally be able to fully express themselves and live life as it was meant to be with a beautiful smile. In addition, research on implants used in the ConfidentURe® method show a 10 year increase in the average lifespan of individuals treated. The ConfidentURe® method also helps make this type of breakthrough results attainable and affordable for our patients. Now this news is something to smile about!

Ready to Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted?

We’d be happy to provide more information about this trademarked method and determine if you are a candidate for this potentially life-changing care.

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