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Introducing CDCP

Georgian Dental is excited to share that we now accept the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)!

The CDCP is designed to enhance access to high-quality dental care for individuals and families by providing extensive coverage for a variety of dental services. Through this collaboration, we are dedicated to delivering excellent dental care to every member of our community.

Utilizing your CDCP benefits at Georgian Dental is straightforward — simply book an appointment and inform our staff that you will be using these benefits during your visit. We will assist you throughout the process. Contact us at 705-710-2525 to schedule your visit!  Apply for the CDCP and learn more about the program here!

Please be aware: CDCP benefits may not cover the full cost of your dental services, and you might need to pay the remaining balance on your bill. We are here to help but it’s important for you to understand your coverage before your appointment.

With the addition of the CDCP plan, we are thrilled to extend our services and support to even more community members. Thank you for trusting us with your dental care.

Keeping Your Family Safe

Georgian Dental is committed to providing a safe and protected environment for all our patients and their families during the COVID-19 public health situation. We have implemented new safety protocols and installed new equipment to protect patients and staff during all dental health treatments and procedures.

Dental Clinics Barrie

Specialized Dental Procedures

In addition to all our general and advanced dental procedures, Georgian Dental® Barrie Clinic also provides highly specialized dental procedures. These include Dental Implants such as All on Four implants, complete orthodontic solutions like Invisalign, Fast Braces and Ceramic & other Fixed Braces. We also offer the Pinhole Surgical Technique for treating gum recession issues, and emergency dental appointments for emergencies such as broken teeth, tooth extractions and other pressing dental issues.

Learn more about these procedures below.

Dental Implants & All on Four

If you’re in need of implants to deal with single or multiple missing teeth, Georgian Dental® offers a variety of solutions, such as crowns, bridges, dentures and the popular All on Four teeth in one day procedure. Explore all our implant options to see what would work best for your specific situation.

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Braces – Invisalign & Fixed Braces

Georgian Dental® offers a variety of options when it comes to braces for adults and teenagers, including Invisalign tray style and Fast Braces, to Clear Ceramic and traditional metal braces. To speed up treatment times, we’ve invested in the best technology, such as the iTero scanner system and smart phone apps.

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Gum Recession Solutions

If you’re experiencing gum recession issues, Georgian Dental® offers the Pinhole Surgical Technique, a vast improvement over traditional gum grafting, which greatly reduces recovery times and post op pain and discomfort. However, if you’re experiencing a more severe issue, we offer traditional gum grafting solutions.

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Emergency Dental Office

When accidents happen, we are here to help with emergency dental services. From broken or chipped teeth due to sports accidents, urgent extractions of wisdom, molars or other teeth, and any other dental issue causing pain – Georgian Dental® can help. Call by 11AM and in most cases, we can fit you on the same day.

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Barrie Dentists

General Dental Treatments

In addition to complex procedure treatments mentioned above, Georgian Dental® Barrie Clinic also offers a wide variety of general & advanced dental procedures, ranging from basic cleanings, teeth whitening and pediatric dentistry, to root canals, extractions and much more. If you’re looking for dentists in Barrie, you’ve found the right clinic!

Advanced Procedures

With more than 60 years of combined experience, our dental practice has been providing oral health care to the Barrie community for over 30 years. From Gum Recession solutions to cosmetic dentistry and dentistry for kids, we’re here to help get your smile in style!

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General Procedures

General dentistry covers a broad spectrum of procedures, such as dental exams and dental hygiene and cleanings, but also includes procedures like wisdom tooth removal, dental bonding, dentures & more. Georgian Dental® makes use of cutting-edge dentistry technology to ensure a beautiful smile and healthy mouth.

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Serving Barrie & Surrounding Areas

Why Georgian Dental®?

Georgian Dental is committed to providing our patients with the best and latest advances in dental procedures. Conveniently located in the heart of Barrie our dental clinic offers evening and weekend hours, a range of general & advanced dental procedures, and a full team of experienced dentists, dental assistants and patient advocates to help plan treatments, and address financial and insurance coverage concerns. Georgian Dental in Barrie has your dental needs covered!

Latest Dental Technology

Georgian Dental® continues to make significant investments in clinical technology. From our brand-new Orillia clinic location, to our new iTero 5D dental scanner for use in perfect fitment of crowns, bridges, dental implants and Invisalign braces.

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Location, Location, Location

Georgian Dental® has two great locations. One in the heart of Barrie, on the corner of Bayfield St. and Wellington St. West, and our brand-new Orillia location, next to the Costco – across from the Starbucks. Come visit us today!

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Introducing OraVital BiofilmDNA Testing

Georgian Dental® is pleased to introduce the use of OraVital BiofilmDNA testing to help us make better diagnoses and more effective treatment plans for conditions including:

Gingivitis – The inflammation or infection of the gums.
Periodontal Disease – Infection and inflammation of the gum & bone surrounding & supporting the teeth.
Caries – The decay and/or crumbling of a tooth or bone.
Halitosis – An oral health problem that causes bad smelling breath.
Peri-implantitis – An infectious disease causing inflammation in soft tissue and bone loss around an active, in use dental implant.

Nexus iOS Implant Prosthetics

The Nexus iOS system is a first-of-its-kind digital full-arch restorative solution.

Their patented system allows us to capture implant positions accurately using our dental scanning tool, and special Nexus scan gauges. Files are then uploaded to the Nexus system, and we work with their designers to customize your implants exactly as we’ve reviewed during your consults. This technology eliminates 2 clinic visits and eliminates errors and inaccuracies often associated with conventional impressions.

The Nexus iOS system will save you money, and provide much better results.

Get Your Smile in Style®

Patient Resources

At Georgian Dental®, we care about our patients. That’s why we have created an entire space dedicated to resources (in addition to our information packed blog). In this section you will find information and details about financial concerns, frequently asked questions, new patient forms, newsletter sign-up, and patient testimonials so you can get a better idea of what you can expect when you put your mouth in our hands.

First Visits & Forms

Here you’ll find downloadable new patient forms for individual adults, children under 18, and families. This gives us a good background on dental history and medical concerns we should be aware of. Bring this completed form to your first appointment.

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Financing Options

Don’t let the fear of cost stop you from receiving the treatment you need to keep your smile in style. We offer in-house and third-party financing for costs that fall outside of what your insurance provide covers, or for the self-employed without insurance.

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Invisalign Braces
Before & After’s

The best way to show what can be achieved is with real success stories, and what better way to tell those stories than with pictures! These images of our Invisalign® patients show how dramatic the improvements can be.

Patient 1: Braces & Invisalign

Before Braces & Invisalign

After Braces & Invisalign

Patient 2: Invisalign Braces

Before Invisalign Braces

After Invisalign Braces

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