Gum Recession a Problem?

Understanding the Cause

Gums are a soft tissue that protect your teeth and helps hold them in place within your jaw. Gum pain can hinder your daily life and require extensive treatment, all of which you want to avoid. Receding gums is a common condition that exposes the roots of a tooth, leading to a greater risk of oral health issues, including tooth loss or decay. Causes of gum recession can include:

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Gum recession can occur very slowly and is something your dentist should monitor during every checkup. Once the signs of gum disease are detected, we can put your treatment plan into action. The Pinhole Surgical Technique PST™ might be the ideal treatment to get your smile in style.

Cause of gum recession can include:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Aggressive brushing
  • Lack of preventive care
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Teeth grinding
  • Misaligned bite
  • Up/tongue piercings

Modern Gum Recession Treatment

Introducing Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST)

Gum grafting is the process of taking healthy tissue from the roof of the mouth and grafting it onto the gums to replace the missing or infected tissue. This is coupled with a deep cleaning where the hygienist will use specially designed tools to remove the plaque and tartar that is growing on the roots. These two treatments were relatively effective, but they were both invasive and time consuming.

There’s been a breakthrough in the treatment of gum recession: the Pinhole Surgical Technique PST™, a technique that helps heal receding gums with minimal invasiveness and pain. Unlike gum grafting, there is no cutting of the gum tissue.

PST reduces the likelihood of tooth loss by re-establishing the height of the gum to cover any exposed root surface. Dr. Tan’s applied his own unique process to encourage gum cell development and the resulting rejuvenated gum is thicker and resistant to recession.

The best part of Dr. Tan’s unique process is that it is virtually painless. Every patient that experiences PST™, has reported minimal pain and very little discomfort. This technique is remarkable, especially compared to the more traditional approaches to gum graft surgery that sometimes requires two surgical sites. Patients that have undergone gum graft surgery feel a sensation of rawness and pain on the roof of their mouth. This patented process includes a series of recovery visits to encourage the highest probability of successful results. All our patients that undergo the process are amazed at how quickly they see results!

All our patients that undergo the process are amazed at how quickly they see results!

Benefits of PST:

  • Minimally invasive alternative to gum surgery
  • Minimal bleeding/pain compared to other gum surgeries
  • Immediate same day results
  • Corrects gum recession without scalpels or incisions
  • No sutures involved
  • Multiple teeth can be treated in a single visit

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Gum Recession
Before & After’s

See for yourself how we’ve been able to help previous patients with the innovative Pinhole Gum Recession Surgical Technique – transforming smiles and lives.

Patient 1: Sophie – PST Surgical Technique

Before Surgery

After Surgery

Before: The lower central incisors have an acute gum recession with about 5 mm of recession on the lower right central incisor and 4mm on the lower left central incisor. If neglected, the gum recession will leads to permanent and irreversible bone loss and concurrent root exposure. Eventually, there will be risk of tooth loss.

After: The gums healed well around the lower central incisors. The restored gum will be significantly more resistant to future gum recession and will naturally help protect the otherwise susceptible incisor roots from future root surface cavities.

Patient 2: Nick – PST Surgical Technique

Before Surgery

After Surgery

Before: This is a very dramatic fenestration of the lower right canine. Acute gum recession mostly on the canine and about 2 mm of gum recession has resulted in exposed root surface that will be more prone to sensitivity and cavity formation. If neglected, the continued gum recession will result in irreversible bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

After: Great results with PST surgery for protection of the lower right canine. The gums are now significantly more resistant to future gum recession and the root surface is better protected by natural gum.

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