Comfortable, fun, comprehensive care for children

Your child’s first visit to the dentist can set the stage for how they approach their oral health for the rest of their lives, so it’s important to make it as easy, comfortable, and positive as possible to start them off right. At Georgian Dental®, we work closely with parents and kids to ensure that they have a great experience in our office from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

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Our highly skilled team of pediatric dental professionals bring a positive attitude to your child’s dental visit, making it fun, engaging, and educational. We will endeavour to answer all of their questions completely, and in terms they will understand without becoming overwhelming or intimidating. We approach each and every child who visits our clinic with compassion and warmth.

Proper Care Right from the Start

Set your kids up for a lifetime of dental health

We offer a complete range of dental services for children. From introductory examinations, hygiene and x-rays, to fluoride treatments and sealants for cavity protection, all the way to orthodontics when they reach young adulthood.

Our oral care services grow with your child, and our treatment plans will include projecting the needs of your child for the future, ensuring that they are protected against future dental issues.

First visits are generally advised to be around the time of the child’s first birthday. During this visit, the dentist will check the development of your child’s mouth and the status of their emerging teeth. We will communicate clearly with parents on what they need to know about caring for the teeth of young children, and will schedule regular checkups to monitor progress and build a familiar relationship between the dentist and the child.

We believe that starting with a great dental care plan early in childhood helps to encourage healthy attitudes and approaches in other areas of life as well. By learning good oral care habits, and experiencing positivity and compassion in their dental visits, your children will grow to appreciate the difference a healthy mouth can make in their lives.

A Positive Dental Care Experience for Kids

Your children deserve safe, comfortable, and compassionate oral care.
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