Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common type of treatment for younger orthodontic patients, and have been a popular method to straighten teeth and repair alignments for a long time. Metal braces can also fix gaps, overcrowding or issues like an overbite. The perception is that metal braces are cumbersome and carry some social stigma. They feel heavy in your mouth and are noticeable by even casual observers who are standing at a distance. Despite these things, they are effective in realigning your teeth with little pain, if treatment is properly administered.

Modern metal braces are much smaller, flatter, and more comfortable than ever before. They stand out less while still performing the same function. Patients of all ages choose metal braces to help them achieve straight, beautiful smiles. Their continued popularity has helped remove a lot of the stigma associated with metal braces.

How Metal Braces Work

Once placed on your teeth, braces place constant pressure on your teeth, and the force of the pressure helps move teeth into proper position. You might feel some tightness and a bit of discomfort at times, but it is a relatively painless process. Patients must visit their dentist on a regular basis. At each appointment, your dentist may tighten the arch wires to help set them up for aligning your teeth until your next appointment. Each of these appointments helps move the teeth into the right position and confirms that the braces are working until your teeth have achieved the desired look. Georgian Dental® will work with you every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.


This is a process that has been perfected over many years and will successfully fix any issues with the alignment of your teeth. There are several types of braces, including Invisalign® and ceramic braces, so why not sit down with a Professional at Georgian Dental®and determine what is the best option to Get your Smile In Style!®.


With our free consultation, you can learn about the options and learn more about metal braces and hear about the experiences of our other patients. There’s no-obligation and most of our patients started on the road to a perfect smile by having a conversation with one of our experienced dentists.

Metal Braces and Costs

The cost of metal braces is determined by many factors and dependent on individual’s dental assessment. The dentists at Georgian Dental® will work to create a plan tailored to your needs. This is an investment in your oral health, your confidence and a way to get that winning smile that you’ve always wanted.


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