Mercury Myth™

Revealing the True Health Effects of Mercury

Shiny silver tooth fillings were quite common in dental procedures of the past, but you may be surprised to learn that the materials used in those fillings have been linked to many negative long-term health effects. The reason is MERCURY. Doctors and health scientists have conducted numerous studies in to how mercury is damaging to our health, and the results are conclusive that metal toxicity can cause harm to your nervous system, brain, kidneys, and other aspects of your health.

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You may also be surprised that as many as 30% of dentists still use mercury fillings, also known as mercury amalgam, in spite of these known risks. Why do they do it?

The most common reason is to save on costs in the short-term. However, we don’t believe that a small cost savings is worth the risks to your health. Georgian Dental® is proud to offer a 100% mercury-free environment in all of our dental offices. The bottom line: Toxic substances like mercury do not belong in your body!

Mercury-Free Dental Care

Georgian Dental® is a mercury-free dental practice!

You can rest assured that at Georgian Dental®, your treatments and dental care procedures will be completely free of mercury. We use only the best in safe, alternative dental materials and products. This is a key element in our holistic dental care approach. Your health and well-being are our top priority!

If you believe that your fillings or previous dental work may have involved the use of mercury, or are simply not sure, contact us today. We can provide a consultation ($130 for ½ hour) to determine if you have any mercury exposure, and what the next steps should be to remove these materials & replace them with safe alternatives.

Mercury-Free Dental Care

Remove harmful mercury & restore your health

If you have any existing fillings that may contain mercury, it is important that you have them removed and replaced as soon as possible. We have developed an effective process to remove and replace these fillings and aid in the detoxification of your body. Known as Mercury Rescue™, this methodology involves collaborating with a team of trained health professionals, well-versed in the treatment of mercury toxicity.

First, we take steps to remove the dental materials containing mercury using a very thorough approach. The International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ( has developed a set of strict protocols for dental practices that we follow regarding the removal of old dental materials containing mercury. These protocols ensure the safety of the patient and our staff to prevent any accidental exposure.

Once the materials containing mercury have been safely removed and disposed of, a new dental restoration is done to get your smile back in style using only the best in safe, alternative materials. Once your restoration is complete, your Mercury Rescue™ treatment may be followed up with additional supportive care including nutritional guidance and detoxification regimens.

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By the Numbers

Understanding more about the effects of mercury

In addition to dental fillings, mercury is also used in many different types of products that exist in the world around us, such as electronic devices and lighting equipment. To get a better understanding of the use of mercury in the world, this infographic pulls together some fascinating statistics.

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