Ceramic Braces

For those that prefer the speed and predictability of traditional braces, but don’t like the idea of unsightly metal as the centrepiece of their face, then ceramic braces are a great option.


Ceramic braces offer a good balance between strength and function. Because ceramic braces are more brittle than their metal counterpart, they tend to only be used on front teeth and in combination with metal braces.

Lifestyle & Ceramic Braces

While braces need to fit your teeth, they also need to suit your lifestyle. No matter the duration of your treatment, you need to feel comfortable and not have braces hinder your ability to perform at work or at school or in social situations. Ceramic braces do all the things stainless steel braces do but offer colours and a translucency that blends into the tooth. Most of our patients marvel at how little clear ceramic braces affect their confidence. The road to good oral health doesn’t need to cause emotional stress.


The combination of ceramic and metal braces can straighten your teeth in a more stealthy way. This is part of the Georgian Dental® holistic approach to dentistry. We treat face, consider the emotional impact of orthodontics and make sure you get the treatment you need. The goal is always to make sure you get the smile you deserve.


Braces aren’t just for teenagers anymore, they are for anyone who wants to get their smile in style. Long gone is the comically large head gear that was like wrapping a spaceship around your face. Now, adults and teenagers alike choose braces to straighten their teeth or improve biting or chewing issues. There’s no substitute for proper oral health but sleeker options now exist that do the same job without upending your life. Ceramic braces are one of the more popular options for both teenagers and adults. After a while, most people forget they are even wearing them or experience very little discomfort throughout an average day.


Like metal braces, ceramic braces correct issues related to gaps, overcrowding or overlapping of teeth. Anyone that requires braces can benefit from ceramics. It works by coating the ceramic material with a compound that closely matches your teeth colour, rendering the braces practically invisible. Ceramic braces are transparent, creating a beautiful smile that’s less conspicuous, especially from a distance. The cost of ceramic braces can be higher than metal braces. To many of our patients, paying for hidden braces that work as effectively as traditional ones is a worthwhile investment.


Making the decision between ceramic or metal braces can be difficult, there’s a lot to consider. Take advantage of our free braces consultation to learn which style is best for your oral health and your life, without any obligations.


Get Your Smile in Style!® without having to feel self-conscious!

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