Canada Dental Care Plan

We are excited to share that we now accept the New Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), a revolutionary federal program designed to make dental care accessible and affordable for Canadians without private dental insurance. Recognizing the essential role of oral health in overall well-being, the CDCP seeks to bridge the gap for millions of residents who otherwise might forego necessary dental treatments due to financial constraints. By partnering with this initiative, we pledge to deliver exceptional dental care to everyone in our community.

Utilizing your CDCP benefits at Georgian Dental Barrie is straightforward — simply schedule an appointment and inform our staff that you will be using these benefits. We will assist you through the entire process.

With the addition of the CDCP plan, we’re thrilled to extend our services to even more community members. Thank you for choosing us as your dental care provider.

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Give us a call today to book your appointment under the CDCP – or if you have any questions – we’re here to help!


For detailed information on covered services and the application process, visit the official CDCP Page on the Government of Canada’s website.

CDCP – Here’s what you need to know:

Eligibility: The CDCP is designed for Canadian residents with an adjusted family net income below $90,000 who don’t have dental insurance. Initially, the plan prioritizes seniors aged 65 and older, adults with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate, and children under 18. Broader eligibility will be introduced in 2025.

Coverage: The plan covers a wide range of oral health services. Basic services include dental exams, X-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants. It also covers more complex treatments such as root canals, gum disease management, crowns, dentures, and some types of oral surgery. Certain major services, including orthodontics, may need preauthorization.

Costs: The CDCP uses a sliding scale for co-payments based on income. Families earning under $70,000 don’t have a co-payment, while those earning between $70,000 and $89,999 will have co-payments ranging from 40% to 60%. There may be additional out-of-pocket costs if the CDCP rate is lower than the dentist’s usual fees or for services not covered by the plan.

Providers: Dental care providers bill Sun Life, the plan’s administrator, directly for eligible services. It’s important to confirm that your dentist participates in the CDCP and to discuss any potential out-of-pocket costs before receiving treatment.

Application Process: Applications are handled by Service Canada, with phased openings starting in December 2023. Applicants must provide personal and financial information and must have filed a tax return for the previous year.

Please note: CDCP benefits may not cover the entire cost of your dental services, and you may be required to pay a balance on your bill. We are happy to help with this but we need you to be informed of your coverage before your appointment.

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