Choosing The Right Barrie Dental Clinic For Your Family

Whether you’re new to the Barrie and Orillia area, or are simply searching for a new dentist for some other reason, there are many things you should consider before settling on a particular clinic to provide essential dental health care for you and your family. Here’s what we recommend you look for.

There are a wide variety of reasons why someone may be in need of a new dentist. Perhaps you’ve just moved to the city of Barrie or Orillia and you’re in need of all new healthcare providers. Maybe your old dentist has retired or is closing their practice. Another possibility is that maybe you’ve just never had a really great experience with other dental clinics and are looking for one that is a better fit for you and your family. Regardless of the underlying reason, there are many key criteria you should consider when choosing a new dentist.

Let’s explore the most important things to look for when evaluating the different dental clinics, and how each of these factors can affect the dental care experience you receive, in both the short-term and the long-term.

Complete Dental Health Care for the Entire Family

Not all dentist clinics offer the same breadth of services, with many referring patients to other clinics to receive specialized procedures or treatment methods. For example, not every dentist clinic is also an orthodontist clinic. Not every dentist has the same approach to providing pediatric dental care for children. Not every dentist handles anxious or nervous patients in the same way. Not every dentist is able to perform comprehensive restorative procedures such as All-on-4 dental implants.

The list can go on and on, but you get the point. When looking for a new dentist, being able to get all the care and services you and your family will ever need all under one roof has many advantages. Choosing a clinic that offers a complete range of services will prove to be far more convenient, as you’ll never have to travel to distant clinics just for access to specific treatments. With a full-service dental clinic, everything you need to keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful will be made available to you.

In addition, by having everyone in your family cared for at the same clinic, the staff, hygienists, and dentists will really get to know you with each visit, giving them a thorough knowledge of the family health history to be more in-tune with everyone’s dental health goals and personal needs. With everyone in the family visiting the same dentist clinic, a more natural rapport will be built between the staff and the patients, providing a friendlier and more pleasant dental health care experience.

Holistic Approach to Comprehensive Dental Health Care

It’s important for patients to know just how intertwined dental health is with their overall state of health and well-being. If someone is experiencing a dental problem, there are many ways that this could potentially affect other aspects of the person’s health. Conversely, there are many types of health issues that can have direct or indirect effects on the state of someone’s dental health.

Clinics that bring a holistic approach to their patients dental care incorporate knowledge of nutrition and other lifestyle factors, such as physical fitness, stress management, sleep quality, and more, to provide helpful guidance and advice that can elevate the patient’s overall state of well-being. These benefits, in turn, help to enable many types of dental treatments and procedures to achieve better results, faster recovery times, and greater comfort. A healthier body responds to treatments more effectively than one that is in distress, and holistic dental care takes this philosophy to heart.

Pioneer of Advanced Dental Health Care Techniques

Some lead the way, and others follow behind. When it comes to your healthcare, choosing a clinic that is always on the leading edge is a wise choice. Forward-thinking dental clinics will always be improving their methods in all aspects of their operations. Patient care techniques, the clinic environment, tools and technologies, non-invasive procedures, natural treatment methods, and patient education approaches are always evolving in these types of clinics. At the end of the day, this kind of commitment to continual improvement can have a significant positive impact on the overall patient experience.

How can you find out if a particular dental clinic is leading the way in patient care techniques? One way is to check out the clinic’s website and see what kind of information they’re putting out on their blog. A key indicator of a clinics approach to continual improvement and patient education is the transparency of the information they publish, and how helpful it is in explaining advanced procedures and modern techniques used in the clinic. The clinics that provide the best experience are usually the ones who put extra effort into making sure their patients are as informed as possible, and freely give access to detailed explanations that patients can use to fully understand what to expect.

Utilizing the Best in Modern Dentistry & Orthodontic Technology

Furthermore, it’s good to also consider the types of technology used in the clinic. Clinics that regularly invest in the most up-to-date equipment such as digital x-rays, 3D printing technology, and predictive imaging software, are able to obtain more accurate information about a patient in less time, enabling more effective treatment planning and better outcomes.

For example, modern digital imaging technology such as the iTero Element 5D Intraoral Digital Scanner allows your dentist to quickly and precisely scan your teeth and gums and create a fully-rendered 3D digital replica of them, right down to the tiniest detail. This digital version of your mouth can then be used to conduct further analysis and plan for a variety of treatments such as orthodontics or dental implants. It can even provide a glimpse into the future by creating a digital composite of what the final outcome of the treatment will actually look like.

Speaking of orthodontics, one of the most popular recent advancements in the world of braces has been the introduction of the Invisalign system. This innovative approach to orthodontics uses clear plastic aligners to adjust the positions of the teeth, rather than metal wires and brackets affixed to the teeth, for greater comfort, convenience, and aesthetics. If you or your family may be in need of orthodontics now or in the future, finding a dental clinic that offers this popular form of braces is definitely worth the effort.

Proven Track Record of Patient Satisfaction

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when evaluating new dental clinics is the experiences of other patients. Check out the clinic website for reviews, testimonials, and patient stories to learn about what actual patients have to say. You can also look over other reviews on platforms such Facebook or Google for more examples of patient experiences and comments.

The ratings themselves are one thing, but be sure to weigh this against the quantity and quality of the reviews, too. What this means is that while a single five-star rating might seem good at first glance, a hundred four-star reviews that provide more detail on the experiences are likely to be far more valuable in the decision making process.

Why You Should Consider Georgian Dental For Your Family Dental Care

At Georgian Dental, it would be our privilege and pleasure to be your new dental care provider. Across all the factors we’ve discussed here, we’re confident you’ll find yourself in very good hands with our team of dental professionals. We are a complete full-service dental clinic with convenient locations in both Barrie and Orillia, delivering all the dental treatments and procedures you and your family may need. From cleanings and hygiene treatments to restorative dental implants and orthodontics, we do it all for patients of any age.

We are also innovators in the field of holistic dentistry, having led the way in the application of holistic practices for our patients for many years. We work closely with our patients to better understand the lifestyle factors and related health conditions that can have an effect on dental health, and suggest treatments and procedures that will also have positive influences on the patients overall well-being.

Patient education and transparency are of the utmost importance here at Georgian Dental. We regularly publish relevant, helpful, and up-to-date articles and information in the Big Mouth Blog and social media channels, and do our best to communicate as much detail as possible in everything we do. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns patients have about any aspect of their dental care, and will take the time necessary to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Furthermore, we are always striving to improve our processes to improve efficiency, provide a better patient experience, and maintain the highest levels of safety and quality control across the board in our Barrie and Orillia dental clinics. Since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Georgian Dental has maintained a stringent safety policy and followed all Health Canada guidelines to the letter. Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our patients, our staff, and their families, and so every protective measure available for us was utilized to provide the safest possible environment.

Georgian Dental is continually investing in the finest dental care equipment and technology to provide the most effective treatments and best possible outcomes for our patients. Most recently, we were excited to upgrade our clinics with the latest in digital dental imaging technology with the acquisition of new iTero Element 5D machines for use in orthodontic and Invisalign braces treatments, dental implant and All-on-4 mouth restorations, and many other types of procedures.

We also stand by our proven track record of satisfied patients, and have many wonderful reviews and ratings from patients of all ages who were delighted with their dental care experiences and treatment outcomes. We encourage you to check out our Patient Testimonials page, as well as our Facebook and Google reviews to read more about what our patients had to say.

Experience the Georgian Dental Difference Today

We would be glad to speak with you any time to answer your questions and arrange for your first appointment in our Barrie dental clinic or Orillia dental clinic locations. Whether you’re in need of a simple dental checkup, braces to get your smile in style, or a more advanced dental procedure, we are eager to help you achieve your dental health care goals. Contact us today!

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