The iTero Element 5D Intraoral Digital Imaging System

Georgian Dental is proud to be on the leading edge of dental health care technology, and we’ve recently added some advanced new dental imaging equipment to our clinic that will help us continue to deliver fantastic treatment outcomes for our orthodontic patients.

One of the most important questions orthodontics patients ask is; What will my smile look like when my braces come off? For dentists and orthodontists, this used to be a tough question to answer, but recent advancements in dental imaging technology have allowed patients to get a look into the future. At Georgian Dental, orthodontics patients are able to take advantage of the most innovative intraoral digital imaging system available, the iTero Element 5D.

Georgian Dental is excited to announce that this new, precise dental scanning technology is now available at both our Barrie and Orillia clinics. Using the iTero Element 5D, our dentists and orthodontists are able to obtain the most finely detailed digital images of a patients mouth, fully-rendered in 3-dimensions.

With these digital recreations of the patients mouth, Georgian Dental can create the most efficient treatment plan for patients, and use the time-lapse Invisalign Outcome Simulator to show how their treatment will progress from beginning to end. Patients will be able to see how the positions of their teeth will shift throughout their treatment, giving them a much better vision of what they can expect.

The iTero Element 5D is different from many other types of dental imaging technology, as it does not use any type of radiation, like x-rays, to obtain scan data. Instead, the iTero 5D uses a combination of 3D imaging, intraoral color imaging, and NIRI (Near-Infrared Imaging) technology to quickly and accurately create crisp, detailed renderings of the patients teeth.

If you or someone in your family are in need of orthodontics, contact Georgian Dental today to arrange for a free consultation and get started down the path to a more beautiful smile with iTero Element 5D digital intraoral imaging technology. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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