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Barrie Dentist is the Top Choice Award Winner!

Georgian Dental® is proud to announce that we have been selected as a Top Choice Award winner! To be even considered for an award that is based on the opinions of our patients and our efforts in the community is a great honour.

It also serves as further proof that our clinic’s heartfelt and cutting-edge approach is making a positive impact. Receiving this award is important to our growth and continued commitment to providing dental and orthodontic care to residents.

First, let’s review the details about the Top Choice Award. Next, we’ll break down the treatments and services we offer to help you understand how we put our patients first. Lastly, we’ll convey exactly why Georgian Dental® is not only a Top Choice but also one of the best dental clinics in Ontario.

What is the Top Choice Awards?

The Top Choice Awards recognizes local businesses, including medical and dental practices, based on the opinions of thousands of customers or patients every year. Participants are surveyed on the overall experience they had with a business. These surveys are collected and reviewed and the results allow businesses and clinics to improve their experience while empowering people to make educated choices as consumers.

The Top Choice Awards serves a vital function in our highly-competitive society.

Getting Nominated

As part of the process, customers can nominate their favourite businesses for the Top Choice Award as a thank you for providing them with quality products and services. Once a business receives 25 nominations, they are admitted to the next stage.

During the qualification stage, the nominees have their reputation and customer satisfaction history audited. Sometimes a business review specialist is assigned to inspect a business and confirm that they meet the criteria.

In addition to garnering 25 nominations, to qualify a business must:

  • Be in business for at least two years.
  • Conduct and adhere to fair practices.
  • Have an organized and clean location. This refers to both the interior and the storefront.
  • Present an online image that is intuitive, easy-to-understand and pleasant.
  • Have relevant online reviews, 75% of which need to be positive.
  • Must have a presence on at least one social network (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

The reason we’ve shared the parameters of this award is to illustrate that it isn’t simply doled out to every business on a block and no one is chosen at random. Each nominee is handpicked based on a strict set of standards that must be rigorously met, if not exceeded.

After the qualified nominees are selected, a vote is conducted over roughly a two-month period. The last stage, of course, is when the results are revealed and winners are announced.

A Worthy Recipient

At Georgian Dental®, our goal is to get your smile in style! We achieve this by offering dental and orthodontic treatments to promote strong oral health and make sure people live without pain and discomfort with respect to their gums, jaws and teeth.

These treatments include:

We offer everything from basic checkups and dental cleanings to complex treatments that solve challenging problems. It is our diverse roster of dental services that enable us to help a variety of patients no matter the severity of their oral issues.

Dr. Adam Tan and his Team

Georgian Dental® is a family oriented practice whose culture and approach reflect the principles of its founder, and his desire to help people improve their oral health.

Dr. Adam Tan is a respected and experienced dentist who has also co-authored a best-selling non-fiction book, “Healthy Input: America’s Leading Dentists Reveal the Secret Truths to a Healthy Body, Starting with What You Put in Your Mouth”. He has appeared on noted television programs like CTV News and the CBC Morning Show.

Both children and adults are welcomed at our clinic to receive care from our team of experienced dentists, including Dr. Sui Ng and Dr. Shane Bot, along with the dental professionals who support Georgian Dental®.

As Barrie Dentists, we’re passionate about providing total care that uses a holistic approach, putting the patient first and treating their entire body and emotional health instead of just their mouth.

At Georgian Dental®, we recognize that many procedures—braces, bridges, crowns, to name a few—can impact a patient’s mood or their professional and social life. To offset this, we work with the patients to figure out the best way to administer treatment in the least disruptive way.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry isn’t a new concept. It’s been around for a while and many of its advocates trumpet it as best practice. It considers treating a patient’s oral health in the greater scheme of their emotional and physical well-being.

This specialty is realized by combining healing traditions with dental treatments. It considers biocompatibility, which is the science of how materials mingle with living tissue. This informs how we perform procedures, such as dental crowns and fillings. We want to ensure you won’t have a negative reaction to a material and that we are avoiding the use of harmful chemicals like Mercury.

It is this thoughtfulness toward dentistry and orthodontic care that separates Georgian Dental® from other Barrie dental clinics.

An Innovative Approach to Dentistry

While many clinics are performing treatments with the same techniques and materials that they always have, Georgian Dental® is constantly adopting new technologies to ensure we are offering the best quality care to our patients.

Dr. Tan and his staff believe that methods and procedures should evolve and expand to meet the needs of patients. Therefore, our services include revolutionary treatments like Mercury Rescue and All on 4 Implants and even more advanced procedures like digital x-rays and the Pinhole Surgical Technique.

It is at the intersection of holistic dentistry and advanced technology that patients receive the best care.

Thank You to our Patients and the Community

It’s important for us to take a moment to thank those responsible for our nomination and for helping us receive such an honour. The Top Choice Award holds special meaning because it reflects the opinion of our patients and reinforces that we are indeed providing exceptional dental services that promote optimal oral health.

Our mission remains to serve the dental and orthodontic needs of the Barrie community. It’s never about awards or recognition but this does serve as a reminder that our efforts are making an impact on the lives of our patients. We also appreciate that our approach and culture has resonated so deeply.

Please continue to provide reviews of your experience with Georgian Dental®. It not only helps us grow our services but we use these opinions to hone our patient experience.   

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We offer a free no-obligation consultation where you can sit down with a member of our staff to discuss your needs and dental concerns. We’d also be happy to look at different payment options or review your insurance policy to see what services you are covered for.

If you have an immediate need or it’s time for your annual checkup, then book an appointment with Dr. Tan today, and experience the Georgian Dental® difference.  

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