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When you choose a dentist for yourself and your family, you want to be confident that you’re making the right decision. After all, dentists will be taking care of your oral health and that of your family for many years to come. From baby teeth and fluoride treatments, to orthodontics and emergency dental care, and much more.

Selecting a health care provider is not something that should be taken lightly, nor should it be done in haste or without sufficient forethought. It’s a major decision, and making the right choice can have a big impact on the life journey of your entire family, and that includes choosing a dental clinic that you’ll be happy with. Everyone will undoubtedly have a slightly different opinion or preference on what they look for in a dental care provider, which is why we feel it’s so important to get to know a clinic better and understand what they’re all about before making your final decision.

That’s why we’re here today. At Georgian Dental, we firmly believe in the importance of education, understanding, and transparency between a patient and their dentist to establish trust and build a positive relationship that will enhance the overall dental care experience for patients and their families. Here, we will explain what new patients should know about Georgian Dental, how we do things in our clinics, and the types of dental care services we provide.

Complete Range of Dental Care Services in Barrie & Orillia for the Entire Family

Dental Hygiene & Regular Dental Checkups – Our team of friendly and professional dental hygienists will help keep your mouth in tip-top shape with gentle dental hygiene treatments, descaling, polishing, fluoride protection, and more, along with helpful advice you can use to improve your at-home oral care routine for better checkups in the future. You’ll have complete visibility to your dental scans and x-rays, and our dentists will clearly explain things in full detail, so you’ll know everything there is to know about the state of your dental health. If there are any questions you have, we will ensure they are answered to your complete satisfaction.

Pediatric Dental Care – We are committed to making our dental clinics bright, friendly, and welcoming to children to help reduce the potential apprehension or anxiety that many kids experience when visiting any type of healthcare office. We communicate directly with them, happily answering their questions and providing all the explanations they want on the tools and equipment used in their checkups and cleanings, and teach kids positive oral care habits to make sure their smiles always look their best. Parents will also be informed in full detail on their child’s dental health, including what to expect in the future regarding braces, wisdom teeth, and other beneficial dental treatments.

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth – Tooth extractions can be necessary for a wide variety of reasons, such as alleviating excessive tooth crowding, removing teeth in advanced states of decay, emergence of wisdom teeth, and many other situations. Georgian Dental will ensure that extractions are done in the best interests of the patient, and will take every step available to provide the most comfortable extraction possible for the patient. Many types of sedation are available to patients in the clinic, including local anesthetic, nitrous, mild sedation, and full sedation.

Braces & Orthodontics – For patients in need of braces to correct the alignment of teeth and improve occlusion on the top and bottom jaws, Georgian Dental offers a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatment options, from traditional metal braces to the popular Invisalign ‘invisible braces’ system. If you or a member of your family is in need of braces, we can provide a consultation in either our Barrie dental office or our Orillia dental office to review the available choices, as well as show you a digital simulation of what the final outcome will look like and what can be expected from your smile once the braces come off.

Cosmetic Dentistry & Tooth Whitening – Georgian Dental offers many options for patients who want to restore their smiles with whitening treatments, porcelain veneers, or other cosmetic enhancements. In your appointment or consultation, we will have an open dialogue with you about what your goals are, and what treatment or combination of procedures will help you achieve the final outcome you desire. We will gladly explain the processes and treatment methods that you can choose from, and what potential advantages and benefits each method can offer you.

Tooth Repair, Dental Implants – In the event that a tooth becomes cracked, damaged, loose, or missing due to an accident or other dental health problem, Georgian Dental can perform tooth repair and replacement procedures using a variety of techniques. We perform dental crowns, dental bonding, dental bridges, single-tooth dental implants, implant-supported dental bridges, and more.

All-on-4 Mouth Restorations – In cases where a patient’s entire set of teeth must be replaced, the innovative All-on-4 dental implant procedure can provide a complete restoration of full mouth function. The All-on-4 procedure mounts full-arches of artificial teeth securely and solidly to a series of strategically-placed dental implants on each of the top and bottom jaws. This approach yields a final result far more comfortable and secure than traditional dentures.

In addition to these dental care services and treatments, patients at Georgian Dental in Barrie and Orillia also benefit from extended hours of operation, advanced technology, financing options, and a holistic approach to family dental care. Let’s explore these other aspects in a bit more detail.

Emergency Dental Care & After-Hours Appointments

Emergencies don’t wait for the most convenient time to happen. When a dental emergency arises, it needs attention as promptly as possible. Georgian Dental provides emergency dental services and can arrange for after-hours appointments so patients can be seen quickly and have a wide range of urgent care situations handled.

Advanced Dental Care Technology & Imaging Tools

At Georgian Dental, we are always looking to the future and invest in the latest advancements in dental technology, imaging systems, and treatment methods for our patients. We were one of the first clinics to offer the innovative Invisalign orthodontics system, as well as the All-on-4 full-mouth restoration procedure. Recently, we’ve added the latest digital imaging systems from iTero in both our Barrie and Orillia dental clinics.

The iTero Element 5D intraoral digital imaging system provides quick and easy high-resolution digital scanning of the patient’s mouth, and software tools that can virtually recreate a 3D model in just seconds. Using this digital model, our staff can show patients a look into the future and simulate the final results of orthodontics treatments even before the braces are put on.

Holistic Approach to Dental Health Care

When taking steps to improve health in any manner, it’s very important to understand the impact that lifestyle and other health factors can have in influencing the course of treatment. For example, nutrition and diet can have significant effects on a person’s state of well-being, including their dental health. Lifestyle habits such as smoking and tobacco use are also major factors that are known to have negative impact on many different parts of the body, including the teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth tissues.

At Georgian Dental, we utilize a holistic approach to our patient’s dental care, taking into consideration all health elements that are interconnected, such as diet, physical fitness, chronic health conditions, hereditary factors, and lifestyle choices. It is our goal to inform, educate, and encourage patients during free and open discussions to make the best choices in all these areas for the benefit of their overall state of health.

Convenient & Flexible Financing Options for Dental Treatments

Dental insurance and employee benefits plans help to make dental care affordable and accessible for many Canadians, but even with these plans there are some types of dental treatments that may not be covered entirely. Managing costs of these treatments can be a source of concern for many, particularly those on low or fixed incomes. However, there are several options available to patients that can help make managing these costs much easier, spreading the costs out over time and utilizing flexible payment schedules. Georgian Dental can provide financing options to patients, and we will be happy to provide more information on how these plans work in your next appointment or consultation.

Emphasis on Education & Helpful Information

Staying informed on trends and new developments in dental health helps people make better choices for themselves and how they handle taking care of their mouths. For this reason, Georgian Dental regularly produces thoughtful, insightful, and educational articles right here on our ‘Big Mouth Blog’ on a variety of dental health topics such as Braces & Orthodontics, Holistic Dentistry, Dental Implants, and other General Dental topics. It is our goal through these articles to demystify advanced dental procedures, explain things with simplicity and clarity, provide the latest info on cutting-edge dental treatments, and offer tips and advice to make it easier for the entire family to maintain a positive state of oral health.

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Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes to who your family dentist will be. While there are numerous dental clinics in Barrie & Orillia to choose from, we encourage you to take your time and truly evaluate which one is the best fit for your family. The team here at Georgian Dental welcomes the opportunity to coordinate an appointment that works for your busy schedule. We look forward to meeting you and your family, and to have a friendly and informative conversation about what our clinics have to offer!

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