Understanding Invisalign Braces

When you’re smile isn’t as perfect as you’d like it to be because of gaps or misaligned teeth, you’ll probably look at various orthodontic treatments for a possible solution. Straightening teeth using braces is a common procedure that has been refined and perfected over many decades, and there are a multitude of braces available to choose from. While it’s true that some people still opt for the typical metal braces that we are all familiar with, you may be surprised to learn that there are other styles of braces that are much subtler in their appearance for those who wish to have an orthodontic treatment that is more discreet.

One of the most popular types of braces that are used to effectively straighten teeth without any noticeable visual signs is Invisalign. The Invisalign method is an innovative approach for orthodontic treatment which provides many benefits to patients when compared to traditional styles of braces.

In this article, we will discuss what Invisalign is, and how it works to achieve a perfect smile in less time than other treatments. You’ll learn why Invisalign has become an extremely popular treatment for patients of all ages who want straighter teeth and a smile that gives them more confidence, without an excessively lengthy treatment process and most importantly, the traditional metal applications on their teeth.

What Is Invisalign?

Originally introduced in Ontario and available through Georgian Dental® since 2000, Invisalign is an advanced method of orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear tooth aligners made of transparent plastic material in order to reposition and align teeth in gradual increments. These aligners are very similar in appearance to the clear plastic retainers that many people use after traditional orthodontic treatments in order to ensure that their teeth remain in place after the metal or ceramic braces have been removed. The biggest difference between traditional braces and Invisalign is that there is nothing glued or affixed to the teeth, and the aligners can be easily removed by the patient and put back in place at any time.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The first step in the Invisalign treatment is to arrange for a thorough consultation and exam in order to determine if the process is the right choice for you. In your consultation, your orthodontist will consider many different factors such as the current state of your teeth, your dental history, and what your end goals are for your treatment. After this information is gathered, the proper approach for your treatment can be determined and you will be presented with a customized plan on how long the treatment will take and how many steps in the process there will be.

At Georgian Dental®, patients teeth are 3D scanned with a high-resolution 3D laser camera. Scanning with the 3D laser camera will not cause any pain, in fact, our patients find the process more comfortable compared to the traditional method of using a sometimes uncomfortable mouthful of goopy impression material. . The reason why no conventional impressions are taken of your mouth is because the digital scans from our 3D laser camera technology is 100 times more precise. The resulting digital information is used to complete a simulation of your treatment within 15 minutes and allows our dental Professionals to submit your case file securely and digitally encrypted to Aligntech in California for designing your treatment.

Invisalign works by utilizing a series of progressive aligners that make incremental adjustments to your teeth. Each aligner is slightly different than the previous one, gradually adjusting your teeth to the desired final positions over time. The aligners are crafted from a very durable clear plastic that fits snugly against your teeth and applies gentle, but constant, pressure to them in order to shift their position in your jaw. When combined with the higher precision of 3D laser scanning, we are able to make our aligners fit better, adapting more comfortably and allows us to move teeth faster.

The aligners are sculpted to precisely match your mouth using 3D images and digital models in order to replicate the position of each tooth accurately. Each aligner is then designed to follow a series of sequential steps that moves the teeth to the correct final position over a series of weeks. Invisalign patients are required to wear the aligners for around 22 hours each day, so you will need to be diligent in remembering to put the aligners back on after eating or cleaning your teeth in order to keep your treatment on-track.

Generally, each aligner will be worn for about a week at a time to effectively achieve the necessary movement at each increment of the treatment. Typically, most patients will have checkups with their orthodontist about every 6 weeks to monitor progress and make any alterations or changes to the plan that may be needed.

Once the Invisalign treatment is completed, and your teeth have arrived in their final positions, you will most likely be instructed to use a retainer made from the same clear material as the aligners in order to ensure that your teeth remain in place and don’t shift over time. This retainer will be provided to you by your orthodontist after the treatment period has concluded.

Be sure to watch Nina Hill’s series of videos about her journey with Invisalign for a more complete idea of the process in a real-world scenario.  She does a great job explaining things in a non-promotional way, which we’re sure you’ll find very informative.

Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign has many significant advantages over traditional orthodontic treatments that involve metal or ceramic brackets and wires, and many patients who may not have otherwise chosen to proceed with orthodontic work will choose Invisalign due to the ease of use and rapid results. Here are some of the most significant advantages of Invisalign when compared to regular metal or ceramic braces.

  • Convenience & Confidence
    • You can remove the aligners from your mouth at any time for eating, drinking, or cleaning. This makes Invisalign very easy to use and avoids the need for complex cleaning procedures or any special cleaning apparatus. You can brush and floss as you normally would to maintain good oral health. And, since Invisalign uses a clear plastic material, the aligners themselves are virtually invisible and can comfortably and discreetly be worn at all times. If the thought of traditional metal braces makes you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, Invisalign is the perfect solution.
  • Fast Results & Comfort
    • The results from using Invisalign are much faster than those typically achieved through regular metal braces. Since the aligners are changed on a weekly basis, progress in tooth movement is steady and consistent. In some cases, Invisalign has been shown to achieve up to 50% faster treatment time when compared to traditional orthodontics. Additionally, since the aligners are smooth and low-profile, you won’t experience any irritation or abrasion to your lips or gums when using Invisalign.

Invisalign is not just suitable for teens and young adults. It is an effective tooth straightening treatment for patients of all ages. At Georgian Dental®, We regularly see patients in treatment between 50 to 65 years old. The cost of the treatment is essentially the same as traditional orthodontics, and it typically falls under the same insurance coverage criteria as normal braces. However, you should be aware that depending on your goals and treatment requirements, the cost can vary. So, be sure to consult with your orthodontist to discuss the potential cost and insurance coverage details.

Getting Started with Invisalign

If you feel that Invisalign is right for you, the first step is to make an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist for a consultation. You will need to discuss what your goals are with them, and they will provide the proper guidance and advice on how you can proceed with your Invisalign treatment. If Invisalign is right for you, we’re sure that you’ll be totally satisfied with the results. Getting a straight, beautiful smile has never been easier thanks to Invisalign, and these testimonials certainly speak to that.

The benefits of the Invisalign process are easy to see, even if the aligners themselves are virtually invisible! It’s more comfortable than traditional braces, far more convenient, and often achieves better results in less time.

If you’re ready to experience Invisalign, the team at Georgian Dental® is happy to answer any questions you may have about this innovative orthodontic treatment.

Contact us today and book your no-obligation appointment and consultation, we’ll answer all your questions, discuss costs and show you the difference that Invisalign makes and We’ll help you Get Your Smile In Style!®.

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