Georgian Dental® offers no-obligation consultations that will answer any questions you might have. We aren’t sales people interested in convincing you to sign up for a procedure you don’t need. This is about your health and your lifestyle and how our experience and holistic approach to dentistry for whole body health can improve your life.


We’re here to provide answers, insight and quell any fears you might have.

If you’re not sure about a certain dental procedure or treatment or want to learn more about our approach to dentistry, our staff or how our clinics are set up for the best possible experience then contact us today. We are happy to consult on any of our following treatments:



All Orthodontics (braces), and Implant (dentures, All on 4, etc…), procedures are eligible for a free initial dental consultation, where you’ll meet with one of our dentists and see why Georgian Dental® is perfect for your procedure and your whole family.  Other consultations may be subject to a fee, call us for details.

Dental Consultations

See how we can help with your dental needs, by booking your consultation today.