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Understanding the Costs & Advantages of Invisalign Invisible Braces (in Canada)

Orthodontics have come a really long way in recent years, and the biggest breakthrough is most certainly the Invisalign system. Let’s learn more about Invisalign, including the costs, benefits, and what patients can expect.

There are many reasons why someone may undergo orthodontic treatment. Some of these reasons may be based on personal preferences, such as the general desire for straighter teeth and a more uniform-looking smile. Other times, the reasons may stem from a medical or dental health need, such as tooth crowding, speech impediments, or difficulties in eating and drinking.

Whatever the reason may be, orthodontic treatments themselves come in a variety of different forms. These include common and popular methods such as the traditional metal braces most people are familiar with, to ceramic braces that offer a subtler aesthetic appearance, to innovative new methods that offer unparalleled comfort and convenience for the patient, namely the Invisalign system of invisible braces.

It’s important to understand that while all types of braces are effective ways to achieve certain orthodontic objectives, there are many differences in each style of braces that can lead one system to be more desirable than others for a particular patient. In order to understand why the Invisalign system has become so sought-after, it’s important to reveal how the system itself works, the overall costs of this type of treatment, and the advantages it has to offer for many patients.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Other types of braces work by using multiple different pieces and parts that all connect together. Brackets and bands are affixed to the teeth and a strong dental adhesive, custom-shaped wires are attached to each bracket, and are held in place by small elastics. When these three components are connected together, the special shape of the wire exerts a constant pressure on the teeth in order to gradually shift their position in the jaw. As the treatment progresses, the wires are replaced at regular intervals with new ones to maintain the pressure and continue to move the teeth until they reach their final ideal alignment.

Invisalign works to the same end as other types of braces but achieves this goal with a very different approach. With Invisalign, instead of wires and brackets, patients are provided a set of single-piece tooth aligners. These aligners are made from a thin, but extremely strong, clear plastic material. They are shaped to perfectly fit over the teeth and exert a constant pressure on the teeth, much in the same way that the wires and brackets of traditional braces do.

As the Invisalign treatment progresses, the patient changes from one set of aligners to the next in regular increments, maintaining the process of moving the teeth towards the ultimate desired position. As you may have correctly guessed, this approach to orthodontics has many inherent advantages when compared to traditional orthodontics.

Advantages of Invisalign vs. Other Types of Braces

Because the Invisalign system uses a clear plastic material for the aligners, they are essentially unnoticeable when they are worn. For patients who may be a little apprehensive about the idea of having metal braces affixed to their teeth for a long period of time, this aspect of Invisalign is particularly appealing. You can go about your daily life without ever feeling self-conscious about your braces, and sometimes you may even forget that you’re wearing them.

In addition, the extremely thin profile and smooth surfaces of the aligners means that they offer far greater comfort than brackets and wires attached to the teeth. Plus, they have the added advantage of being removable at any time, and then simply replaced on the teeth by the patient whenever deemed necessary. This is especially convenient for eating, drinking, and for at-home oral hygiene habits as it eliminates the need to clean in and around brackets and wires.

In a nutshell, Invisalign braces are simple, comfortable, subtle, and amazingly effective. With these advantages, it’s obvious why this method has gained such popularity among orthodontics patients of all ages, from teens to seniors. Whether you’re in need of a complete realignment of multiple teeth, or just a minor adjustment to correct one or two misaligned teeth, the Invisalign system is a great way to get the perfect smile you deserve.

Is Invisalign Right for Me?

While the Invisalign system certainly has many advantages, it is not always the perfect solution in all cases. There are some instances where your dentist or orthodontist feels that traditional metal braces are necessary in order to achieve a very specific type of tooth movement. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, and your dentist will conduct a thorough examination and consultation with you before offering their final recommendations for your orthodontic treatment.

In addition, some patients may be curious about companies that are seen advertising alternative tooth straightening systems online. While on the surface these advertisements appear to be similar to the Invisalign system, there are many shortcomings associated with them. For starters, the bite-down molds that you mail in, which they use to create your aligners, lack a great deal of the precision used to create Invisalign aligners. Furthermore, without regular in-person checkups and monitoring of your progress by trained and experienced professionals, these alternatives are simply not able to deliver the consistency and quality of results that can be obtained with Invisalign.

If you’re going to take the time to undergo orthodontic treatment, you certainly don’t want to go with a treatment provider that cuts corners, or be given a form of braces that is not the optimum method to meet your goals. This is why it’s so critical to choose an orthodontist you can trust to guide you through the process from beginning to end and ensure that you are given the most effective treatment for your specific case – cost shouldn’t be the only factor in your treatment decision.

How Much Does Invisalign Treatment Typically Cost?

One of the most common questions asked about the Invisalign system is ‘how much does it cost?’. While this can be a tough question to answer definitively, there are some general ballpark numbers that you can use as a reference. The total cost of Invisalign for a typical orthodontics patient ranges from approximately $5000 to $7500, however this is dependent on a significant number of variables that will be different for each patient.

In some cases, the cost may be lower if the duration of treatment is shorter in order to address many types of minor bite or alignment problems. In other cases, the costs may increase if more substantial changes to the positions of the teeth are required in order to correct more severe issues over a longer period of time. Generally speaking, the Invisalign system is very close in cost to many traditional types of orthodontic treatments when all these factors are considered.

Overall, the Invisalign system is a very wise investment when you think about the long-term benefits of properly aligned teeth, and the advantages over alternative methods. When factoring in the additional comfort, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, it becomes easy to see that the Invisalign system carries a great deal of value for patients in need of orthodontic treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Invisalign?

Many third-party insurance providers offer coverage for orthodontic treatments, including the Invisalign system. The specifics of coverage can vary significantly between providers, with some offering a percentage coverage and others offering a fixed dollar amount of coverage. To get details on what your dental insurance will cover, we recommend that you either contact your insurance provider directly, or get in touch with the team here at Georgian Dental and we can help you navigate things.

Is Financing Available for Invisalign?

As an alternative to third-party insurance coverage, many dental offices, including Georgian Dental, are able to provide convenient and affordable financing programs to make the costs of orthodontic treatment easy to manage. Payment plans are flexible, affordable, and structured to fit your needs. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get the essential orthodontic treatment you require with no headaches or hassles.

To get more information on what a financing program for your Invisalign treatment plan might look like, give our team a call today. We will be glad to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation to answer all of your questions and walk you through the specifics of what is involved.

Getting Started with Invisalign Invisible Braces

If you’ll pardon the pun, we think it’s quite clear why you should talk to your dentist about Invisalign. The advantages are numerous, and with multiple ways to easily manage the cost of the treatment, there’s no reason to delay in booking an appointment to get started. Whether you want to correct an overbite, underbite, crossbite, gaps, or other type of tooth alignment issue, you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice in joining over 9 million people who have already experienced Invisalign’s results for themselves.

At Georgian Dental, we will work with you to develop an Invisalign treatment plan that works to achieve your goals, and get you the ideal results you deserve for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. It’s always wise to make positive investments in your health and choosing the Invisalign system for your orthodontic treatment is the perfect example of this ideal.

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