Do you practice good dental hygiene habits, but still experience problems with tooth decay? You may wonder how that’s possible when you put your best effort into maintaining a healthy mouth and doing everything your dentist recommends. The answer lies in a new science-backed understanding of oral health. In this article, we will reveal the findings and how you can finally get the healthy teeth you desire.

Conventional Beliefs About Tooth Decay

It is widely believed that cavity formation is caused by starchy and sugary foods sitting on the teeth. The damaging agent is believed to be certain types of bacteria living in the mouth and feeding on sugars and starches which creates an acid that leads to tooth decay. Prevention recommendations include brushing your teeth three times per day and flossing in order to remove the food and acid.

A New Understanding of Dental Health

Tooth decay has been found to be correlated with a high level of the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus in the saliva. By treating patients with a substance initially called ‘Activator X’ by Dr. Weston Price DDS, which was later identified as a special type of K vitamin known as K2 MK7, the bacterial levels are reduced by 95%, decay stops, and damage can be reversed.

In addition, K2 MK7 also helps to strengthen teeth by moving mineral content from the saliva into the bone tissue. It does so by collaborating with vitamin D and calcium. When vitamin D is consumed, your body creates proteins that will carry the calcium to the bones. For these proteins to do their job, they also need vitamin K2 MK7 which guides them to the right location. In other words, if Vitamin D represents people who are flying to a destination, then calcium represents the airplane that takes them there, and vitamin k2 is the air traffic controller. Without all three, the people won’t make it to the right destination. The same goes for vitamin D.

The reason tooth decay has increased is because vitamin K2 MK7 is found in meat, dairy, and eggs from grass-fed animals, or in supplements. Most meat and dairy products come from grain-fed animals in modern times which lack the needed vitamin. Despite all the brushing you and your family do, oral health is an uphill battle without the right nutrients in your diet. Most supplement forms of K2 MK7 are from a japanese fermented soybean product called Natto.


These findings are groundbreaking for the dental world and stand to help people take a more effective approach to oral health.

Support Your Oral Health

Do you feel like you are fighting an uphill battle against tooth decay? If so, it’s time to turn it around. By following a research-backed approach to dental health, you can attack the root of your tooth decay problem. Finally, slow the tooth decay for good and even begin to reverse the damage done. If you’d like to learn more about which foods and supplements can provide the K2 MK7 you need, we’ll share them in next week’s blog.

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