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One surprising side effect of Cosmetic Treatment was reported in psychology research where a patient treated cosmetically experienced dampening of emotions. In a 2010 study published in Emotions, a psychology journal, it was suggested that if Botox® will mask some part of the facial expressions to treat facial muscle spasms, it can lessen an associated emotional experience significantly. However, this study needs more research to validate its ability to affect emotions.


In a post from Psychology Today, as early as 2013, the effects of Botox on influencing and suppressing emotions were discussed. The article discussed the contention was that Botox can paralyze the frown muscles, and this can make a patient experience less of the small joys or sorrows that life has to offer. The post discussed studies that were carried out on two groups of patients. One group had been injected with Botox® in their frown muscles and the other was the control group. The patients injected with Botox® displayed less emotional facial expressions as compared to the control group. Another comparative study showed that patients treated to reduce frown muscle contraction for the purpose of reducing wrinkles reported less depression symptoms to their physicians in following those treatment.


Another report published last May 2016 based on a study in Italy. Published by the SISSA Medialab, the report can be seen in Science Daily and was entitled “Emotions in the Age of Botox.” The study is significant because the one side effect of the use of Botox® is the inability to understand facial expressions of individuals given that the facial muscles relax the expression lines to make the skin look younger. There are lot more efforts being put in to understand the effects of Botox on patient’s emotional responses and this is only the tip of the iceberg that we are getting to know about.


Truly, the use of Botox® cannot be confined with cosmetic procedures because it has now been recognized as an effective medical procedure to help patients suffering other types of conditions. It will not be surprising if a new use of Botox® will be revealed in the next few years. At Georgian Dental®, treatment for headache symptoms due to dental causes certainly has helped our patients experience an overall improvement in wellness. The possible positive side-effect of dampening of depression without the use of psychoactive drugs or oral depression medications is a promising new avenue of holistic wellness. Canadians in the depth of a long winter, for example, might seek treatment of depression symptoms such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) from a trained medical practitioner after a diagnosis of SAD by their medical doctor or psychologist. The next article in this series will explore Botox® further.


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