This article is a continuation of a previous article for Headache Treatment Hope that explored developing therapies for chronic conditions using injectable therapy used in cosmetic medicine.


According to Russell Katz, the managing director of the FDA, migraine or ‘chronic headache’ is a disabling form of sickness which is accompanied by irritating pain in the head and neck regions. In extreme cases, this pain lasts from 15 days up to three months. It is accompanied by nausea as well as extreme sensitivity to sound, light, and temperature. Botox which is otherwise known for smoothening face wrinkles was approved by Health Canada in November 2011 for treating chronic migraine experienced by adults.


At present, around 270,000 Canadians over 18 years of age are chronic migraine sufferes. The yearly costs of migraine treatment can be up to $1,800 per patient. This amount includes the costs of headache-specific medicines, diagnosis, tests, and emergency department visits. Medical experts in Canada researched on prophylactic treatment for severe headaches resulting from chronic migraines. After extensive studies, Health Canada claimed that Botox® injections manufactured by Allergen are an effective preventive treatment for adults. When you compare the cost of an initial round of treatment of chronic headaches and TMJ pain due to dental causes by the trained medical professionals at Georgian Dental®

What is migraine and how does it affect our well-being?

Patients suffering from chronic migraine experience acute pain for more than 14 days a month. Scott Whitcup (CSO, Allergan) claims that chronic migraine is an under-recognized neurological condition. Patients often mistake it for normal headaches. Rather than consulting an experienced headache specialist, patients end up taking drugs that provide temporary respite. You don’t have to be limited by those options alone – Georgian Dental® has an alternative option to taking medications. Chronic headaches and migraines  will severely affect your social life, studies, work and relationships. Therefore, it’s essential to have plenty of effective treatment options in hand.

How do the Doctors at Georgian Dental® treat migraines due to dental causes?

The patients need not worry because Botox® treatment is not an invasive or hard procedure. A single trip to the doctor’s clinic takes barely 15 minutes. Usually, the doctors inject Botox in key trigger points causing fatal headaches in patients at an interval of about 12 weeks. The number of injections offered in extreme cases is 31, but it may be less, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.


It’s a general misconception that injections cause pain. Botox is injected using thin, ultra-fine needles that it feels like tiny pinpricks when injected into the shallow muscles of affected region. Rest assured, the patient hardly feels a thing while receiving the treatment.


For those who aren’t aware, the shallow muscles lie just underneath the skin. Put simply, the drug is administered superficially, that is to say, the injection is placed just beneath the skin. Therefore, it’s regarded safe because the effect occurs in a very specific site. On an important note, the treatment is exclusively administered to patients who are 18 years old or above and for is particularly useful for patients who suffer from fatal headaches that last for more than 4-5 hours per day. Patietns who are pregnant should not be treated with Botox®


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