Emerging Method of Natural Tooth Repair

Dr. Klatz of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine once remarked that at present technology is in existence that has the capability to slow, stop and hopefully reverse physical deterioration.  Could it be that the “technology” is already within us?  A diligent research team from Dental Institute at King’s College London seems to believe so and their findings may change dental practices all over the world.

A Natural Tooth Repair Technology?

The process of healing within the human body is still an engineering feat that marvels medical science.  Hence while observing recently damaged or infected teeth, a healthy property was identified.  To protect soft pulp inside a tooth from infection or crack, our bodies generate a thin layer of dentine to seal off exposure. Although this healing factor is too small to fix large cavities, what if there was a way to stimulate tooth pulp healing?  The questioning lead to a discovery by the aforementioned research team.

A New Approach

At present dentistry uses artificial substances to fill the spaces where diseased pulp was (typically the diseased pulp is removed during a root canal.)  These products have become safer but they still only act a filler material.  Additionally, they do not strengthen the root system of a tooth or provide protection against bacterial infections.  Artificial materials have a propensity to fail and when they do patients must undergo extensive repairs.  If several failures occur, the tooth may need to be removed.

The new holistic dental approach by the Dental Institute at King’s College London proves that stem cells in pulp can generate dentine.  To boost the stem cells a drug called Tideglusib and glycogen synthase kinase is applied to a biodegradable sponge.  As the stem cell produce dentine, sponge (made of collagen) degrades eventually giving way to a fully natural repair.

One highlight of this method is its potential to enter dental practices quickly.  Because the biodegradable sponges are already clinically-approved there is no testing period required.  Additionally, the sponges are readily available on commercial markets.  Secondly, the drug Tideglusib is in use in clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease.  Lastly, the administration of this treatment is relatively simple and would hardly require extensive training for dental professionals.Georgian Dental®

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