Protect Your Teeth from Impacts with an Advanced Sports Mouthguard You brush & floss regularly, you are diligent with your dental checkups and hygiene treatment, and you’re following all of your dentist’s recommendations when it comes to caring for your teeth, right? If so, kudos to you! However, are you making sure to protect your teeth in other ways, too? The reality is that protecting your teeth depends on a lot more than just brushing and flossing. For many patients, sports activities are a part of their regular routine, but some of these activities present a very real threat to the safety of your teeth if you don’t take some precautions before engaging in these types of sports. This is why you need to think about the safety and protection of your teeth before engaging in certain types of sporting activities, and it’s also why you will need a custom-fitted mouthguard like the styles available from Georgian Dental®. We’re here to tell you about the difference that GD Sportsguards can make in the protection and safety of your teeth, and how you can benefit from getting a custom-fitted mouthguard for your sporting activities. You’ll learn just how easy it is to get the process started, and how many positive aspects a custom sports mouthguard will provide to your overall dental health. Let’s start by taking a look at why a mouthguard is important for certain types of sporting activities. Why are mouthguards important for sporting activities? There are all kinds of sporting activities that we may choose to engage in, and while there are several styles of protective gear that we may need to ensure we stay safe, few are as important as a good quality mouthguard. These specialized dental appliances are designed to ensure that your teeth and jaw stay safe and protected against a wide variety of impacts that can occur during all kinds of sporting activities. However, not all mouthguards are created equal, and many of the generic store-bought styles of mouthguards only provide a basic level of protection for your teeth. To ensure that your smile is protected with the best technology and most advanced methods, you’ll need to talk to your dentist about getting a custom-fitted mouthguard that will deliver the safety and protection that you need. What makes a GD Sports Guard different from store-bought mouthguards? Before you head out to your local sporting goods store to buy a basic mouthguard for yourself or your children, you’ll want to consider the differences between a store-bought universal mouthguard and the professionally-fitted mouth protection devices that your dentist can provide. While the typical store-bought mouthguards may be sufficient for an occasional trip to the local ice rink, they aren’t going to provide the level of comfort or protection that you will want when engaging in regular sporting activities that are of the more aggressive and physical nature. The differences between a typical store-bought mouthguard and a custom-fitted sportsguard are generally broken down in to the fit of the mouthguard and the materials that are used in its construction. When it comes to the fit, you simply cannot compare a generic store-bought mouthguard to the types you can get directly from your dentist. This is because no one will be able to fit your mouthguard as precisely as your dentist, and for obvious reasons. The biggest benefits to this are that a custom-fitted mouthguard will do a much better job of distributing impacts and pressure over your entire mouth, thereby lessening the dangers of each impact that is experienced. In addition to the precise fit of the mouthguard, you won’t be able to get the same quality of materials in a store-bought mouthguard that you will find in a professionally-fitted sportsguard. This is because your dentist will have access to materials and products that offer a vastly better level of mouth protection and will engineer a mouthguard specifically for the type of sports that you are engaged in. What are the advantages of a GD Sports Guard? Even when we look at sports-specific mouthguards, we can see that not all of them are created equal. Depending on where you get your mouthguard, and the different processes that your dentist uses to produce the final product, you will definitely see certain advantages that you will benefit from. Georgian Dental® has developed a unique approach to providing custom-fitted dental mouthguards for athletes that delivers many benefits and advantages for the patient, above and beyond the protection of their teeth and smile. GD Sportsguards are custom-engineered to provide a precise fit that delivers the greatest comfort for the athlete, along with the best protection possible for their teeth against impacts and accidents that can occur during their preferred sporting activity. GD Sportsguards provide more than just tooth protection, however. When you get your sports mouthguard from Georgian Dental®, you’ll also be getting a great deal of assurance and convenience along with it. GD Sportsguards come with a guarantee that the fit will be exact, and that you will receive a replacement with no hassle. When Georgian Dental® fits you or your child for a GD Sportsguard, the molds will be retained for future reference. This way, if you ever lose or misplace your mouthguard, you can easily get a replacement quickly and easily, and be sure that the fit and protection will be just as good as the original guard, guaranteed. How can you get a GD Sports Guard? To get started in obtaining your very own GD Sportsguard, all you need to do is contact the team at Georgian Dental® and arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation today and start the discussion. At Georgian Dental®, you will be provided with all the different options for protecting your teeth and given our professional recommendation on what the best choices will be for your desired sporting activity. The key thing to remember when choosing a place to obtain a mouthguard is; who has the knowledge and expertise to give me what I need to provide the best protection for my smile? The answer will depend on who has the most expertise to provide you with the most effective mouthguard that will deliver the highest degree of protection and the greatest comfort for the wearer. If you’re uncertain on who to call, then we suggest that you arrange for a consultation with the professionals here at Georgian Dental®. Not only will our team be sure to provide the best service for you and deliver a great quality mouthguard, we will also be sure to support you after the fact with a fantastic replacement plan that will help to keep you playing even if your mouthguard gets lost or misplaced. What if your GD Sportsguard gets lost? In the event that your GD Sportsguard does happen to get lost or go missing, you can rest assured that the team at Georgian Dental® has your back with a fantastic replacement plan that you can depend on. We’ve got a hotline setup so that the moment you discover a missing mouthguard, you can call us and arrange to receive a replacement that can be crafted, and even delivered, promptly for you. We understand that each and every game matters and that your team depends on you, so we’ll work our hardest to ensure that you’re ready to play as fast as possible with the protection you need to stay safe and healthy. Stay Safe and Protect Your Smile If you’re ready to get some serious protection for your teeth in the form of a custom-fitted GD Sportsguard, then contact the team at Georgian Dental® today to arrange for your free consultation and start the process off right. We’re here to ensure that you get a mouthguard that provides the best protection and the most comfortable fit for the sports you love to participate in. There’s no need to worry about whether you’ve got the best protection for your smile, just pick up a GD Sportsguard, and enjoy being a part of the team!

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