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Let Your Smile Shine in 2024 with Restorative Dental Treatments

The start of a new year is an opportunity to refresh our commitments to our health and well-being, and take the steps forward we need to improve ourselves, inside and out. If you’re searching for a New Year’s resolution that will really have an impact on your life, consider booking an appointment for an advanced dental treatment. Join us as we explore popular dental treatments that will help you get the great looking smile you deserve.

When the hustle and bustle of the holiday season comes to an end, it’s time to refocus on day to day life. However, as the calendar flips over into the new year, many of us find ourselves searching for positive changes to make that will have a real impact on the body, mind, and soul. This may mean taking up a new hobby, for others it could be spending more time with family, and some may look to self-improvement opportunities.

Several such opportunities can be found just by visiting your dentist and learning about the transformative dental procedures that are available to you. In fact, you’d be amazed at the boost in self-confidence that a rejuvenated smile can bring to you, not to mention the benefits that correcting dental problems can have on your overall health and well-being. If this sounds good to you, stay with us as we explore some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures and beneficial restorative dental treatments you can take advantage of this year.

Brighten Your Smile with Professional Whitening Treatments

Over time, our smiles eventually start to lose their luster as certain types of food and drink can leave behind stains and discolouration on our teeth. Brushing regularly with a whitening toothpaste, flossing, and using antibacterial oral rinses can certainly help slow down the staining process and keep our teeth looking whiter for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not enough to give our teeth the vibrant white look that we want. Professional tooth whitening treatments are fast, easy, and effective at removing tooth stains and discolouration, leaving your teeth much brighter and whiter.

At Georgian Dental, we are proud to offer the Phillips Zoom Whitespeed tooth whitening system to our patients to help keep their teeth beautifully white and vibrant. This advanced whitening method uses a specialized whitening compound which is applied to the teeth and then ‘activated’ using the innovative ZOOM light wand. Once activated the compound begins lightening tooth stains and restoring the natural bright white hue of your teeth. Many patients see noticeable results in just one treatment! After three treatment sessions, your teeth will appear up to 8 shades whiter. This kind of change will definitely have people taking notice as you put your best smile forward.

Begin Orthodontic Treatment to Correct Misaligned Teeth

Having whiter teeth will absolutely make you happier with the look of your smile, but sometimes the thing that we want to improve the most is the alignment of our teeth. Having one or more teeth that appear crooked or misaligned can be visually distracting, and detract from the overall appearance of your smile. These misalignments can easily be corrected with orthodontic treatment using braces. Getting braces is quite simple, and modern orthodontic technology and techniques has made the process faster and more comfortable than ever. Once your orthodontist has evaluated the current state of your teeth, you will be presented with the best braces options for your individual case. The average treatment time for orthodontics ranges from 12-24 months, depending on how much tooth movement is required to achieve the desired results.

Popular options for braces include modern metal braces, ceramic braces, fast braces, and Invisalign invisible braces. Traditional metal braces are ideal for a wide range of orthodontic needs, and are able to achieve dramatic results for even the most misaligned teeth. Metal braces can also be customized with different colour elastic ligatures to add some personality to the patients’ smile.

Ceramic braces offer a similar experience to metal braces, however the materials used to make them are different. Ceramic brackets can be made transparent or tooth-coloured so the overall appearance of ceramic braces is much less noticeable on the smile of the patient during treatment. This is very appealing for those patients who love the idea of getting straighter teeth, but are apprehensive about the look of metal brackets.

Fast braces certainly live up to their name. Also known as accelerated braces, fast braces look nearly identical to traditional metal braces, but use an advanced bracket design that increases the speed of tooth movement to get results in less time. Fast braces are further accelerated with additional treatments in the form of phototherapy and subsonic wave therapy. These therapies work to stimulate the gums and tissues in the jaw, increasing comfort and making tooth movement easier, resulting in an overall reduction in treatment timelines of as much as 50% compared to regular braces.

One of the most popular and sought-after styles of braces in Canada right now is the innovative Invisalign system. Unlike other styles of braces that use metal or ceramic brackets affixed to the teeth, metal arch wires, and elastics, Invisalign uses clear plastic tooth aligners. These thin, low-profile aligners fit snugly on the teeth and are virtually invisible when worn. In fact, some patients find the aligners so comfortable that they even forget they are wearing them sometimes. Invisalign aligners can easily be removed by the patient at any time for eating and for regular oral care routines, and then simply put back on afterwards.

Repair Chipped or Cracked Teeth with Dental Bonding & Dental Crowns

Have you ever experienced a chipped or broken tooth due to an accidental impact or fall? If so, having it repaired promptly is important to maintaining your dental health and preventing further problems from developing down the road. Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay, and if the damage is severe enough it can affect speech patterns. Repairing this type of tooth damage can often be done quickly and easily using dental bonding.

After the damaged tooth is prepared, the bonding starts out as a mouldable material that matches the colour of the patient’s natural teeth. The bonding is then shaped and sculpted to precisely match the portion of the tooth that was damaged. Once the bonding is in place, it is then hardened using a special curing light. The last step is the final polishing of the repaired section of tooth, leaving the patient with a restored smile that is virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth in their smile.

For patients who have substantial damage to a tooth that cannot be effectively repaired using dental bonding, a complete replacement crown may be recommended. Dental crowns are essentially replicas of the natural tooth, affixed using a permanent dental adhesive to the base of the damaged tooth. The tooth is first shaped and prepared to provide an adequate surface for the crown to be attached. Once the crown has been attached, the patient will then have a completely restored smile.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges & Dental Implants

In instances where a tooth has been completely knocked out, or has become so severely damaged that it must be extracted, the missing tooth should be replaced as promptly as possible. This can be done in one of two ways. A dental bridge may be used, or the tooth may be replaced with an artificial dental implant. Dental bridges are essentially two dental crowns, connected by a third tooth to ‘bridge the gap’. The dental crowns are attached to the natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth gap, with the third section taking up the space between and giving the appearance of a complete set of teeth.

Dental implants replace the entire missing tooth, root and crown together. The base post of a dental implant resembles a metal screw in appearance, and is inserted directly into the bone of the jaw to provide a secure base. The replacement crown is then attached to the implant post and fixed in place. The result is a very stable and solid connection in the jaw that mimics the bond of a natural tooth, providing the patient with the best possible restoration of a missing tooth.

Restore Full Mouth Function with All-on-4 Dental Implant Procedure

In the event that a patient’s mouth has experienced extensive trauma or decay which cannot be treated using other methods, a complete mouth restoration using the innovative All-on-4 dental implant procedure could be the best option. In this treatment, the damaged and decaying teeth are removed from the patients’ jaw, and a series of 4 strategically-placed dental implants are inserted into the top and bottom jawbones. These 4 posts provide a secure base to which a complete artificial arch of replacement teeth are attached. Unlike traditional dentures that rely on adhesives or paste to hold the artificial teeth in place, All-on-4 provides a super-strong connection that gives the patient maximum confidence and comfort. All-on-4 is a total transformation of the patient’s mouth, giving them back the quality of life that had been lost.

Whatever Dental Needs You May Have, Georgian Dental is Here to Help

Make this the year that your smile really shines! Whether you’re in need of a simple tooth whitening procedure to brighten your smile, or require restorative procedures like implants or bonding, the team here at Georgian Dental is ready to provide the results you want. Book your no-obligation consultation today to get started, and learn more about the variety of dental treatments available to you. We look forward to your visit, and wish you all the best in the New Year!

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