Participants in physical contact sports are more likely to suffer unexpected tooth loss through their exertions than others; that isn’t to say tooth loss can’t occur in other walks of life. Slips and trips, or other accident, or even eating hard foods could all have enough jarring effect to see a person lose a tooth. In such a dental emergency, where a tooth has been unexpectedly lost, what can you do?
In some cases, depending on gap between when the tooth is knocked out and the patient visiting the dentist, it is possible to have the tooth reimplanted into the mouth. Only adult teeth are reimplanted; a child’s baby teeth are left out. It is important to see a dentist as soon as possible, within 30 minutes if possible, as longer durations lessen the chance of the tooth being saved.
The first step is to try to preserve the tooth in its original location. This can be done by placing the tooth back into the mouth and biting down gently on a piece of gauze to keep the tooth in place until dental help can be sought. Be careful, however, not to swallow the tooth!
If replacing the tooth isn’t possible, instead place the tooth into a container and cover with saliva or whole milk; a dentist can provide a tooth-saving kit for such dental emergencies which features a container and fluid solution.
While journeying to the dentist’s office, use a cold compress to ease pain and minimize any swelling around the affected area. If there is any bleeding, applying pressure directly using gauze can help to keep bleeding to a minimum.
It is important to handle the tooth in the correct manner; hold the tooth only by the crown and not by the roots. Don’t be tempted to remove any dirt from the tooth or root, as you may damage the tooth further. Also, don’t clean the tooth or brush the tooth with alcohol or peroxide. Instead, let your dentist do any work required to the tooth before reinsertion.
If your tooth is merely chipped, then it may not constitute a dental emergency, and so immediate dental assistance might not be necessary. If, on the other hand, the tooth is badly broken, there is the possibility of exposed nerve endings and so to prevent infection and pain, immediate dental assistance should be sought.
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