A patient’s 2-minute guide to fast recovery from ‘frozen’ for your dental visit (Part 2 of a 2 part series – for the guide to getting frozen)


If you’ve ever had dental work beyond the typical cleaning, you know that a local anesthetic is needed to numb your lips, tongue and cheek. This numbness can last for several hours after the procedure is complete, which makes it difficult to talk, smile, eat or drink.

How Does This Treatment at Georgian Dental® Work?

There’s now a way to decrease the recovery time of your deeper dental work – root canals, crowns, and fillings. This treatment at Georgian Dental®  will decrease the amount of time it takes for the numbing sensation to fade. In fact, studies have concluded that you can have feeling back in your tongue, cheeks, and lips in about 60 minutes when this treatment is applied after the dental work is complete.

This treatment to restore sensation from dental anesthesia is not recommended in cases where the dental procedure caused bone or soft tissue pain and where a local anesthetic offers comfort after the procedure is over.

It’s not completely clear as to how the mechanism of action of how the active ingredient works, but it’s believed to increase the flow of blood to soft tissues. It works only in cases where the initial anesthetic constricted the blood vessels – typically caused by the vasoconstrictive effects of epinephrine, also known as adrenaline.

What Can It Do, Who Shouldn’t Use It?

The faster return to normal sensation treatment may lead to irregular heart rhythms, faster heartbeats, and low blood pressure. Although they are rare, your dentist should be aware of any previous heart or cardiovascular problems.
The dental anesthesia reversal treatment is also not recommended for children under six years of age or under 33 pounds.  Dental insurance plans typically don’t cover the use of this dental anesthetic reversal treatment, so speak to a Professional at Georgian Dental® about the details and arranging this new and convenient dental treatment that can help you get back to your regular routine again without skipping a beat!


The Dental Professionals at Georgian Dental® can help you experience a different approach to whole body health, starting with holistic dental care.

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