At Georgian Dental®, the wellbeing, heath and safety of our patients are our highest priority.
Our dental instruments are high pressure, high temperature sterilized and tracked to meet and exceed stringent PHO requirements for preventing the transmission of communicable diseases.
All instruments are mechanically cleaned and then washed with the very best instrument washer on the market made by German Company Miele. Instruments are then packaged with quality assurance indicator strips that confirm that the appropriate sterilization temperatures reached every nook and cranny of each and every instrument. Then those instruments are run through an instrument autoclave. Autoclaves are used to sterilize instruments by creating a sequence of conditions that are designed to kill mold, bacteria, and virus particles. This step is the critical phase in our process to reduce the possibility of any transmission of infectious diseases. Our autoclave sterilization cycles are completely digitally tracked and backed up so that we know that the required level of pressure, temperature and duration were reached and maintained to reach sterilization.
All our dental autoclaves are tested at the beginning of every day to confirm that they work with a spore test. For the spore tests, Indicator vials containing benign spore samples are run through an incubator cycle. This daily spore testing (we refer to as our Biological Indicator Testing or BI testing), confirms that the autoclaves are working as an important redundancy confirmation to the digitally logged autoclave cycle. Daily BI testing is used in ALL of our instrument autoclaves. Further, All dental instruments packages that are used on our patients are tracked to each autoclave cycle with a serial number. This serial number can help identify the autoclave, which specific date and time of when the package was sterilized and which staff member packaged the instruments.
Our clinical air is filtered through continuously running, 24/7, surgical-grade HEPA filters and disinfected with ionizers and UV sanitizers for a 99.99% mitigation rate of any airborne contaminants including bacteria, spores and virus particles such as COVID-19. After clinic hours, the clinic space is sanitized by flooding with ozonated air for 8 hours. At this point, the Georgian Dental® Clinic airspace likely more sanitized than the air in our own homes!


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