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Making it Easier to Manage Dental Costs with Financing

While regular cleanings & checkups aren’t expensive, some of the more extensive dental treatments can cost significantly more. For some patients, this can be hard to manage if the need is sudden or unexpected. Fortunately, there are many financing options to make these costs easier to handle.

Taking care of our health isn’t always easy, but it most certainly is always worth the investment in time, effort, and money to ensure we have the best quality of life we can get for ourselves and for our families. When it comes to dental care, most people are quite good at keeping up with a sensible at-home oral care routine and following the recommended schedule of dentist appointments to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful.

However, what happens when something unexpected happens and you or someone in your family requires a more extensive dental treatment or procedure? For some, dental insurance policies and corporate benefits plans will cover a great deal of the cost of dental work, but they don’t always cover everything. Depending on the type of procedure and its associated costs, this can become a financial challenge for many people. This is especially true for those who don’t currently have any kind of dental benefits coverage or dental insurance.

Fortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to forego essential dental health care treatments because of the costs. There are several options available to patients that can help to mitigate the financial impact, and make it easy to manage the costs of the dental health procedures that are needed.

What Do Insurance Policies or Dental Benefits Plans Usually Cover?

While there isn’t a standard to what is or is not covered in all types of insurance policies or dental benefits plans, most levels of coverage are organized into three categories; basic dental work, complex procedures & restorative work, and orthodontics.

In general, all plans will typically cover basic dental work at the very least. This includes such things as cleanings, checkups, x-rays, fillings, tooth extractions, fluoride treatments, and other minor dental procedures. In most cases, these services will be paid for by the patient at the time of the appointment, and then reimbursed directly by the insurance company or benefits provider back to the patient. This reimbursement usually happens within about 72 hours of the claim submission.

In the case of more extensive dental procedures, such as dental implants, All-on-4 or orthodontics, it is possible that some of the most comprehensive types of plans may offer full coverage. Other types of plans may offer partial coverage for these kinds of procedures, where the insurance or benefit provider pays for some of the costs and the patient pays the rest, while some policies may not cover these types of dental services at all. It’s very important for all patients to understand the scope of coverage they have personally and for family members with their benefits plan or insurance policy. If you’re unsure on what may or may not be covered for you and the other members of your family, it’s strongly advised that you contact your insurance provider or benefits administrator for complete information.

How Can Dental Treatment Costs Be Made Easier to Manage?

In the event that an essential dental treatment is not covered by the dental insurance policy or benefits plan of you or another family member, there are multiple options available to consider in order to help manage the costs and make it easier to obtain the necessary care.

In-House Dental Financing at Georgian Dental

At Georgian Dental, we are proud to offer direct in-house financing for our patients to help cover a diverse range of procedures and treatments that may not be covered by other dental benefits plans or insurance policies. On approved credit, our patients can take advantage of our 0% financing rate to obtain such services as braces, bridges & crowns, gum restoration, full-mouth reconstructions, All-on-4 dental implants, and much more.

To learn more about how Georgian Dental’s in-house financing works, contact us today to arrange for a consultation. We will be glad to walk you through the entire process from start to finish, and let you know what to expect.

Dental Financing with Third-Party Companies

Another option available to people in need of dental financing is through third-party providers. Companies that specialize in offering pay-in-instalment services, such as PayBright, can be exactly what is needed to help make the costs of a complex dental procedure easy to manage within a convenient timeline based on your financial needs. If you’d like the option to pay for dental in instalments, PayBright may be a good path to consider.

Another example is Dentalcard dental care financing. Dentalcard requires no down payment or collateral, and boasts high approval rates and competitive interest percentages, along with no penalties for paying off the entire sum in full at an earlier time. Applying for Dentalcard can be done online, and applications are typically reviewed quickly, so you won’t be kept waiting and wondering.

These types of third-party financing options can be used to help cover all or just a portion of the costs of the dental procedure, making it easy to get the level of financial help that is best for your unique needs. This can be particularly helpful if your insurance or benefits plan will cover a portion of the costs, and you don’t want to personally take on the remainder of the costs all at once.

Bank Credit Lines

One last thing to consider when thinking of your options to help manage the costs of advanced dental treatments is leveraging a line of credit through your bank. Banks offer lines of credit to individuals for a wide variety of reasons, from helping with home renovations to aiding with unexpected medical expenses. For those who already have a line of credit with their bank, it can often be faster and easier to increase the existing line of credit than it may be to apply for other types of financing.

Certainly, whatever method you may be leaning towards to help cover the cost of a necessary dental procedure, you’ll want to do your research on the other alternatives to at least be sure that you’re making the best choice for your financial situation.

What To Do If You’re Unsure About Dental Treatment Costs & Financing

If you or someone in your family are in need of an extensive dental procedure, such as All-on-4 dental implants to obtain a full set of replacement teeth, it’s understandable that there will be some uncertainty on what the costs will be and how you can effectively plan around the financial requirements. Fortunately, help is just a phone call away.

We firmly believe that there is no wiser choice you can make than investing in your health. We are committed to helping you and your family obtain the essential dental health care that is needed to achieve the highest quality of life, and so we will do whatever we can to work with you to ensure you can obtain the treatments that are needed. Contact us today to arrange for your next appointment, and we will be glad to discuss any and all concerns you may have, as well as detail your available options to finance dental treatments. The team here at Georgian Dental will provide all the guidance and information you need to help you make the best decision for the financing of dental health care treatments for you and your family.

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