Innovative Dental Care Technology at Georgian Dental Clinics

Technology helps improve many aspects of our lives, from how we travel to how we communicate, and most certainly in how we take care of our health. In the world of dental health care, innovations have brought forth many exciting new types of tools and equipment that are used to aid in the treatment of oral health problems with great success. Get to know the latest in dental healthcare technology currently in use at Georgian Dental.

A modern dental clinic is home to a wide array of devices, tools, and technologies that are used to treat an expansive range of dental health conditions. Recent breakthroughs in digital imaging systems, cosmetic dental procedures, and fabrication technology has enabled dentists and orthodontists to achieve amazing treatment results for patients with greater comfort, speed, and convenience than ever before.

We firmly believe it’s important for patients to be as informed as possible on the nature of the dental care that they receive in our clinic. So, here we will explore some of the most advanced medical devices and state-of-the-art dental care equipment that you can find in use at our Barrie and Orillia dental clinics. You’ll learn what they are, how they work, and the benefits these amazing tools bring in the dental care you receive.

iTero Element 5D Dental Imaging System

One of the things that patients wonder the most about corrective dental treatments like braces is, “What will my smile really look like when the treatment is over?”. While you can look at all kinds of before-and-after photos of other patients’ results, it still doesn’t show you exactly what you can expect from your own treatment. After all, every smile is different, and every patient needs a slightly different treatment approach to achieve the best possible results. Now, thanks to the development of powerful digital imaging systems and predictive software tools, patients can get a view into the future to see how the treatment will improve their smile.

With the iTero Element 5D Dental Imaging System, patients will have their mouths scanned by the dentist or hygienist from all angles using a high-resolution digital camera attached to an ergonomic handle. In just minutes, these high-resolution scans of your mouth are processed using a proprietary 3D imaging software, producing a fully-detailed three-dimensional digital replica of your teeth and gums. This digital replica can clearly show any alignment issues, bite pattern problems, or other anomalies that may need to be treated and corrected.

Using the digital model of your mouth, your dentist can then create a simulation of how the teeth will move using orthodontics or other corrective dental procedures. At the end of the simulation sequence, you’ll be shown an accurate full colour rendering of the before-and-after appearance of your very own smile. These comparisons often leave patients speechless, as it is the best way to truly see the amazing difference that can be obtained with the right treatment plan. To see the iTero Element 5D imaging system for yourself, and get a look at the improvements that can be achieved for your own smile, contact Georgian Dental today to arrange for an appointment!

Invisalign Invisible Braces

When you picture someone with braces, we’re willing to bet that you’re thinking of smiles that show silvery metal brackets and wires on the teeth. Traditional metal braces are still very popular and a highly effective way to achieve fantastic results for many patients in need of tooth alignment and bite pattern correction. However, many patients wish their braces were less noticeable, or even invisible. Well, the good news is that recent advancements in orthodontics technology have now turned that wish into reality.

Invisalign is different from traditional braces because there are no brackets, no wires, and no elastics at all. Invisalign works to adjust the position and alignment of the teeth in the jaw using pre-molded dental aligners made from clear plastic material. These invisible aligners fit snugly on top of the teeth and exert a gentle, constant pressure in a precise pattern to gradually direct the teeth to the desired position. At regular intervals, the patient simply switches to the next set of aligners in the sequence, continuing the process until the treatment plan has been completed.

In addition to being virtually undetectable when worn, the Invisalign system provides patients the ability to easily remove and replace the aligners by themselves at any time. This provides far greater comfort and convenience when eating, and also makes it easier to perform the usual at-home oral care routine without having to take the extra time to clean around the brackets or wires of traditional braces. If you are in need of orthodontic treatment, book an initial consultation today and find out if the Invisalign system is the right solution for you!

Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed Tooth Whitening Treatments

Take a quick walk down the oral care aisle of any pharmacy or superstore, and you’ll undoubtedly see a massive array of products all claiming to help whiten your teeth. While some of these products can help lighten minor surface stains, they’re nowhere near as effective as a professional tooth whitening treatment. For people who have more pronounced staining, yellowing, or mottling on their teeth, those basic consumer products are just not going to deliver the desired results.

Clinical tooth whitening treatments have been a popular cosmetic dental service at Georgian Dental for quite some time, but demand is rapidly growing thanks to the advent of new methods like the Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed tooth whitening system. Using a powerful blue light LED accelerator device and intensive tooth whitening fluoride gel, the Zoom whitening treatment has been clinically proven to lighten teeth by up to 8 shades in just a single treatment. Depending on how you want your smile to look, it may just take that one individual treatment. Nevertheless, your dentist will have a detailed discussion with you prior to starting the procedure to ensure that the outcome of the treatment meets or exceeds your expectations.

To learn more about what Zoom Tooth Whitening can do for the look of your smile, contact our clinic office today to arrange for a consultation.

VELscope Enhanced Oral Cancer Assessment System

Early detection of serious health conditions like oral cancer is absolutely critical to obtaining the best possible outcome for the patient. Regular checkups with your dentist to monitor the condition of your mouth are an important part of your overall health care. If any abnormalities are discovered, they must be acted upon as quickly as possible with the appropriate treatment plan. Oral cancer screenings are a common procedure performed at most dental clinics, and utilize specialized detection tools to help the dentist see more than just what meets the eye.

To help dentists identify potential problems and abnormalities, the VELscope Enhanced Oral Assessment device projects light of a very precise wavelength that causes a fluorescing effect on the tissues of the mouth. Under this light, anomalies in the tissue of the mouth will not fluoresce in the same manner as the surrounding healthy tissues, allowing the dentist to immediately identify areas that need closer examination. After these areas are pinpointed using the VELscope scanner, other tests and biopsies can then take place to obtain more definitive answers on the nature of the anomaly.

Advancements in 3D Printing in Dentistry

3D printing has been making headlines in recent years as adoption of the technology has become far more widespread across many different industries, including health and dental care. Traditional fabrication methods are often limited in the types and shapes of items that can be created. 3D printing technology has opened up countless possibilities in what can be manufactured, and rapidly increased the speed at which things can be taken from the initial design concept to a physical object.

In dentistry in particular, 3D printing has allowed dentists to custom build a wide range of tools, templates, surgical guides, and other supplies that are specifically crafted to meet the exact needs of a particular patient. 3D printers are also valuable in making models of the patient’s teeth and mouth so that things like braces, crowns, bridges, and dentures can be shaped for the optimum fit and the highest comfort level for the patient.

Experience the Benefits of Advanced Dental Health Care Technology Today

As you can see, innovation in dental health care technology has brought many notable advantages to patients in need of a wide range of dental treatments and procedures. Whether you’re curious what your smile will look like after the braces come off, hoping to brighten up your smile with a professional whitening treatment, or concerned about abnormalities in your gum tissue, dental care technology is here to help you. Of course, so is the team here at Georgian Dental!

If you’re new to the Barrie or Orillia area, or are in need of a new dental clinic for you or your family, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you for a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to get to know you and have you visit our clinic to see for yourself all that we have to offer. Contact us today to get started and arrange for your next appointment. We’re eager to help you keep your smile in style!

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