The loss of even a single tooth can have a cascading effect. The bone may wear away in the vicinity, compromising the attachment of neighboring teeth and putting them at risk, too.

Of course, tooth loss also leaves your smile’s appearance in shambles. A large, noticeable gap in the smile is quite unsightly.

Tooth loss can even interfere with basic functions like chewing and speaking, especially when multiple teeth are lost.

When tooth loss occurs, your dentist can use different methods to address the problem, including dental implants, dental bridges or dentures.

Ideally, patients would never experience tooth loss at all. But when it occurs, dental implants offer the most complete tooth replacement available in modern dentistry.

The implant itself replaces the tooth root, while other options like bridges and dentures do not replicate this essential structure. When the titanium implant fuses with the bone, it anchors that bone, preventing the jawbone atrophy that occurs in the absence of a tooth’s root.

Dental implants do a better job at addressing several of the consequences of tooth loss than other alternatives do.

As discussed above, implants stabilize the jaw bone. No other tooth replacement method includes a root-like structure, so the jaw will continue to wear away when a patient chooses a bridge or dentures. Furthermore, in cases of single-tooth loss, dental implants can be placed without any impact on surrounding teeth, unlike bridges, which require crowns to be place on neighboring teeth to secure the artificial tooth.

Dental implants also offer a remarkably lifelike appearance and fit. Because implants do consist of a “root” and prosthetic crown, they feel more like natural teeth. Advanced materials that approximate the aesthetics of biological enamel are used to craft the prosthetic crown, bridge or arch supported by the implants.

Because they are anchored into the bone, implants can withstand more significant chewing forces, generally allowing patients to continue to enjoy their normal diet.

If you must replace a missing tooth, consult with our dentists at Georgian Dental® to discuss all of your options and to learn whether dental implants will be best for you. Call 888-739-2975 to schedule an appointment today.

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