If your gums bleed occasionally when you brush due to excessive pressure or using too firm a toothbrush, there is no need for concern. Just lighten up a bit, and invest in a soft bristle tooth brush. However, if this is a persistent problem, it is time to see the dentist to get to the bottom of why your gums are bleeding.
There are warning signs that gum disease is looming, and bleeding gum tissue should be a big red flag. Other symptoms that indicate you may be suffering from gingivitis, or the more serious periodontitis, include:
1. Red, swollen gum tissue – Gums should be pink and firm, and definitely should not bleed. [pullquote]If this is a persistent problem, it is time to see the dentist to get to the bottom of why your gums are bleeding.[/pullquote] 2. Chronic bad breath – Occasional halitosis due to strong beverage or food consumption is not unusual; brush your teeth, gargle with a mouth rinse, or grab a breath mint if brushing or rinsing is not feasible. But bad breath can signal there is a build-up of bacteria on teeth and below the gum line, and these bacteria can lead to gum disease.
3. Gum recession – As we age, the gum tissue can begin to recede. But if it appears that your gum tissue is separating from your teeth, or if one or more teeth feel loose, this is another indicator that gum disease may be present.
4. Genetics – If parents or siblings suffer from gum disease, this does not mean you are doomed to the same fate. However, gum disease may be prevalent in your family history, which means you must be more proactive and aware of the warning signs.
Many patients think if it doesn’t hurt, it can’t be too serious. With gum disease, this does not always hold true. That is why we benefit so much from seeing the dentist twice per year for a thorough cleaning, polishing and a dental exam.
Other steps we can take to care for our teeth and gums between those dental visits include brushing at least twice per day with tooth paste or gel; daily flossing and rinsing with an anti-bacterial rinse.
What are the consequences of untreated gum disease? Extensive dental visits for root planing and scaling may be required. Tooth loss can occur, which signals the beginning of lengthy and costly dental work, all of which may have been avoided with taking proper care of our teeth.
If you are experiencing bleeding gums on a routine basis, call us at 888-739-2975 to schedule an appointment with our skilled team of dentists at Georgian Dental®.READY TO GET THE SMILE YOU ALWAYS WANTED?

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