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Why Georgian Dental® is Your Best Choice for your Household

When it comes to dental care, finding a dentist who can meet the needs of all your family members is a top priority for many. And that’s why we’ve built Georgian Dental® to offer dental care for every stage of life, from baby’s first checkup to braces for the teen years, and geriatric concerns like implants and dentures. We’ve literally got something for everyone when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy and your smile dazzling – for life.

Let’s start with what we offer children, teens and young adults. For many young parents, finding a dentist who’s good at what he or she does, while at the same time is also good with kids can be very challenging. At Georgian Dental®, we’re dedicated to making that worry vanish, now and forever. Our pediatric dental program makes sure your child’s first set of teeth get the proper care they deserve. And we also do our best to make sure your little one learns the importance of taking care of their teeth every day. Then, as your wee one grows older, we have top-notch orthodontists who can see to it that your kid’s smile grows in straight for maximum aesthetic appeal and easier care and maintenance.

Let’s look closer at these two areas so you can better understand why Georgian Dental® is your best bet for family dentistry in Barrie.

Pediatric Dentistry

Kids are naturally curious creatures, and we do our best to feed their curiosity when they come in. We speak directly to children, telling them everything we’re doing in simple, non-frightening language. It’s important that kids feel relaxed and at ease in our office. True, some little ones have a fear of dentists, but we do our best to let them know they can trust us. They say the truth will set you free, and when we talk to kids about what’s going on in their mouths that knowledge can be truly liberating.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should start seeing a dentist before their first birthday. Baby teeth don’t stick around for long, but they’re still important. And your child has to develop good oral habits right out of the gate. Developing the routines that will lead to a lifetime of good oral health is critical.

Baby’s first teeth

A newborn’s teeth usually come in somewhere between six and 12 months of age and should be all in place by the time they’re three years old. Teething pain, an inflammation of the gums, is a common concern when this happens. Rubbing baby’s gums with a clean finger or a cool, wet cloth can help ease this pain, as can a teething ring.

All told, your child will get 20 primary or baby teeth. And then they start to fall out as the adult teeth start to come in between the ages of 6 and 21.

Developing a lifetime of good dental habits

Every couple of weeks, look at your child’s teeth as they’re coming in. Keep an eye out for early signs that might lead to decay such as lines or discolouration. And remember that even though baby teeth have all this brand-new enamel, they’re still susceptible to sugar. Your child should develop a regular brushing routine early on.

For children, we recommend brushing four times daily:

  • after breakfast
  • after lunch
  • after dinner
  • bedtime

Brushing can be fun if you make a little game of it when their first tooth erupts. Use a soft-bristled brush and only a pea-sized dab of toothpaste at first. And don’t use fluoride until your child turns two years old.

The vital importance of regular checkups

Tooth decay is such a big problem for children and adolescents because many haven’t developed solid oral hygiene habits yet. Decay is a by-product of sugar in your mouth turning to acid and breaking down the tooth surface. To minimize the impact of tooth decay, kids need to work on their oral hygiene routine from day one. A routine that incorporates proper brushing and flossing plus regular visits is the best way to keep tooth decay in check. For best results, your child should come in every six months for cleaning and a checkup.

Fluoride treatments administered when your child gets their teeth cleaned go a long way to help keep their teeth strong. Tooth sealants can also be applied. Sealants close over the deep grooves in teeth that could lead to decay in hard to brush areas.


As your child ages, realigning their adult teeth becomes a major concern for many parents/guardians. But not to worry, the orthodontists at Georgian Dental® have many options to choose from to help straighten the teeth of even the most self-conscious teenager with ease.

Below are some of our most popular options:


Even though they take a little longer to get the job done, Invisalign clear plastic aligners are almost invisible. They only get removed for eating and drinking or brushing and flossing—something patients wearing more traditional braces find problematic. Other than that, they stay in your mouth where they virtually disappear on your teeth. Patients go through 12 to 30 sets of liners in incremental stagers until their smile is perfectly straight—without ever using wires or mounting brackets.

Accelerated braces

Introduced to the Barrie area in 2016 by Georgian Dental®, these fast braces can save up to a third or even half of a patient’s treatment time. Imagine your child gets accelerated braces at the same time as one of their friends gets more traditional braces. Your child could be out of braces months before their friend.

Traditional braces move teeth in stages, so the root and the tip of the tooth never move at the same time. Not so with fast braces. The whole tooth moves all at once, in some cases reducing the treatment period to as little as 20 weeks.

Ceramic braces

Mention braces and you usually think about old-fashioned metal braces. Ceramic braces are built on all the fundamentals of traditional braces, but they’re made using durable modern materials. The obvious benefit has to do with visibility. Ceramic brackets can be either clear or tooth coloured, meaning they’re much less noticeable than metal braces. And the wires used with ceramic braces can also be tooth coloured. Ceramics can be used to do everything traditional braces can—correcting gaps, crowding, and overlapping teeth—and only require slightly longer to achieve similar results. But patients find they can wear these braces with more confidence knowing that most people will hardly notice them.

Metal braces

Metal braces may look a lot like the traditional braces from days of yore, with metal brackets and archwires. But they’ve really come a long way in recent years. Today’s metal braces are considerably smaller than their predecessors, meaning they’re more comfortable to wear and less likely to cause mouth abrasions. They may be less fashionable than some of their counterparts (see above), but metal braces have stood the test of time and they just keep getting better.

Georgian Dentist—For All Your Family Dental Needs in Barrie

When looking for a dentist who can handle the needs of your whole family, look no further than Georgian Dental®. We’ve got the knowledge, experience, and track record to prove we can handle the needs of everyone in your family, especially your kids. From baby’s first checkup until the day their braces come off, we’ll make sure your child’s oral health is the best it can be.

We’d love to get to know you and your family better. Contact us today to arrange you or your child’s first visit and let us take care of the rest.

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