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General Dentistry – News, Information & Updates

This section of the blog is devoted to providing patients with all the latest information on general dentistry procedures including news in the general dental industry, as well as improvements in dental technology and how various procedures are performed. From dental bondings, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic whitening, to advanced procedures such as the Pinhole Surgery Technique – you’ll find information here.


Bookmark us and come back for all the latest information as you embark on your research into the world of dentistry.

Latest Dentistry Articles, Posts & News

Are Dental Veneers Right For You?

All About Modern Dental Veneers Lots of people are looking for dental treatments that can make their teeth look better and help them finally enjoy that sparkling smile they’ve

Overcoming Fear Of Dentists

Dental Fear & Anxiety – How Barrie Dentist Can Help It’s completely normal to feel some level of apprehension toward dental appointments and, more specifically, dental work being performed

Manage Dental Costs

Managing Dental Costs - Procedure Planning & Financing In Ontario, many have the luxury of having dental insurance through their employer’s group benefits. This helps close the gaps left

Dental Surgeries At Georgian Dental

Dental Surgeons in Barrie—Oral Surgery at Georgian Dental When most people think about dentistry, they only think about their teeth. They think about going to the dentist for cleaning

Family Dentistry In Barrie

Why Georgian Dental is Your Best Choice for your Household When it comes to dental care, finding a dentist who can meet the needs of all your family members

Orthodontist Care In Barrie

Orthodontists in Barrie What makes Georgian Dental your best choice? There’s nothing uncommon about the practise of orthodontics. Misalignment of the teeth and/or jaw, also known as malocclusion,

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