No other technology has revolutionized dentistry with as much impact as dental implants. For the replacement of missing teeth, dental implants are an impressively close substitute for your natural teeth. Your implant dentist is using dental implants in Barrie to assist patients with individual missing teeth as well as patients who are missing all of the top or bottom teeth.
It is quite possible that no group of patients can appreciate the performance of dental implants as much as denture wearers. Patients who are faced with the challenges of life with dentures can immediately recognize the advantages of dental implants. Common obstacles such as bone loss, sore gums, difficulty speaking, and uncomfortable chewing can all be overcome with implants.
Compared to traditional dentures which are designed to rest on top of the gums, dental implants extend below the gumline into the bone for permanent support. The need to glue or paste the denture to the gums is completely eliminated, as the denture will never move or shift out of position. By preventing the denture from resting directly on the gums, implants can also effectively protect the delicate soft tissues in the mouth.
Denture wearers are also realizing that bone loss can be prevented with the use of implants. Even where bone loss has already occurred, further deterioration can be successfully prevented by the presence of dental implants. Just as the natural tooth roots hold the jawbone in place, the artificial tooth root of the implant also holds the bone in place.
The fear that your traditional denture may slip or fall out during a social interaction can be crippling. Dental implants can restore your confidence in yourself and your smile, a quality that most denture wearers would consider invaluable. Just the comfort and security of knowing that you can depend on your teeth to preserve your dignity can completely change your outlook on life.
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