dental implants BarrieIf you or your loved one has lost single or multiple teeth, or are at risk of losing even one tooth, then you understand the value of each tooth in your smile. Each tooth serves an important purpose, and its absence has far-reaching consequences.
Though you may have realized the importance of tooth replacement, it is also important to make a wise choice in restoring your smile. Few treatment options can boast a proven track record of more benefits than risks. There are drawbacks and shortcomings associated with traditional solutions such as dentures, partials, and bridges which require that patients “settle” for a less than ideal result.
Today, you have more options. It is possible to achieve the smile that you desire without having to make unnecessary and inconvenient changes to your lifestyle. Take a moment to consider the option of dental implants in Barrie, and learn why they have quickly become the natural option for tooth replacement.
Although it may seem that dental implants are the hot, new “thing” in dentistry, your implant dentist can assure you that this trend has been quietly gaining momentum for more than 50 years. Unprecedented research, clinical trials, and patient testimonies have proven that dental implants are the very best tooth replacement solution for almost all patients.
Implants are designed to mimic the appearance and function of your natural teeth. The implant post, made from a surgical grade of titanium, becomes permanently integrated with your jaw bone and is as strong as your natural tooth root. Supported only by the underlying bone, this artificial root can endure daily biting and chewing forces.
For many patients, the most exciting part of the implant process is the appearance of the finished result. A dental crown can be affixed to the implant post to restore the space left by the missing tooth. Other, custom restorations such as dentures, partials, and bridges can also be connected to the implant when there are multiple missing teeth.
No matter the number of missing teeth, the final result is a complete and natural-looking smile that feels strong and comfortable. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder that implants are the “natural” choice. Contact Georgian Dental® at 1-888-739-2975 to reserve your appointment today.

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