Powerful Patient Stories About All-on-4 Dental Implants

It’s easy to take a full set of healthy teeth for granted, but being faced with the unfortunate situation of lost teeth, it becomes clear just how important a strong, healthy smile is in life. These are the stories of real All-on-4 dental implant patients, and how the procedure changed their worlds.

There are so many reasons why a person may lose a tooth. Sometimes it is the result of a simple accident, such as a fall or impact. Other times it’s due to a dental health problem such as advanced tooth decay, gum disease, or chronic health problems like smoking or diabetes. Replacing a single lost tooth can be done in a variety of ways, like with a bridge or single dental implant, but when multiple missing teeth need to be replaced, the All-on-4 dental implant procedure offers the most complete mouth restoration possible for a patient.

All-on-4 differs from traditional dentures to replace a full set of missing teeth in several ways. While common dentures are adhered to the gum surface using a specialized oral adhesive, All-on-4 replacement teeth are securely affixed to a series of 4 strategically-placed dental implants on each of the top and bottom jaws. Traditional dentures can sometimes come loose or become uncomfortable as the adhesive loses its grip over time, but All-on-4 implants never will. The implants that connect to the replacement teeth are permanently embedded into the jaw, just like natural teeth.

For a complete start-to-finish explanation of how All-on-4 works, we recommend you refer to our Guide to the All-on-4 Procedure. Suffice to say, it offers many significant advantages over other tooth replacement options and fully restores a patient’s mouth function beyond any other treatment method. Of course, knowing how the procedure works is one thing, but hearing the stories of patients who have experienced it for themselves really drives home the life-altering results that All-on-4 can provide.

Georgian Dental is proud to have helped so many people achieve their goals of restoring their smiles and gaining back the function that they’d lost as a result of missing or seriously damaged teeth. These are the stories of some patients who were so impressed with the outcome of their All-on-4 procedure, they felt compelled to share their experiences so that others may learn of the positive impact this treatment can have in their lives.

Meet Mike – A Transformation So Dramatic, It Brought His Mother to Tears

Mike had spent nearly his entire life living with the discomfort of broken teeth. Since a young age, the frustration of having damaged teeth had affected Mike’s self-confidence, and other accidents and injuries that he sustained over the years simply added to the problem. After undergoing multiple preparatory procedures to get ready for the All-on-4 treatment, Mike was amazed at how dramatic the results were, but he wasn’t the only one. Upon first seeing Mike after his mouth restoration was completed, his mom cried, exclaiming that his new smile was so beautiful. “It’s fantastic. There’s not enough good things I can say about it.”, says Mike about the full mouth restoration provided by Georgian Dental.


Meet Pat – Amazed at How Comfortable the All-on-4 Procedure Was

One of the most common questions potential All-on-4 patients have about the procedure is how painful or uncomfortable the recovery will be. As Pat can attest to, the experience was substantially easier than she ever expected. “Dr. Tan gave me a prescription for pain pills, and I didn’t need it.” Pat says, “It was never really uncomfortable.”  In addition, compared to her previous dental repairs, she was quite impressed at how much better the end result is with the All-on-4 system. “I’m glad that I had it done.”, she says.


Meet Shawn – How All-on-4 Helped After a Severe Motorcycle Accident

After a serious motorcycle accident, Shawn was left in a very difficult situation that was having major negative impacts on his life. “Almost two years of trying to deal with no back teeth, so socially I was, there was no social life at all.” Shawn recalls, “I was so embarrassed about the fact of my smile and my appearance, and even my facial features were changing also.” After meeting with several other dentists before coming to Georgian Dental, Shawn was not interested in anything less than the best solution for a full mouth restoration. All-on-4 was the answer, and his outcome was nothing short of life-changing.



Meet Barbara – Impressed at How Much Better All-on-4 is vs. Dentures

“In the past, I had dentures in the past which I didn’t like. Actually they gave me a gag reflex.” Barbara says. After tooth problems had left her with no back teeth and unable to chew, Barbara was eager to find a better solution that would give her back the quality of life that she had lost. After her All-on-4 procedure was completed, she was delighted with the results and how superior the outcome was to her old set of dentures. “I just feel better about myself, I feel better when I open my mouth, and when I speak to somebody, that I have nice teeth.”


Meet Brad – Concerns Over Bone Loss Led to the All-on-4 Solution

Brad’s situation is fairly common among patients looking for All-on-4 dental implants. “Major teeth loss, and I had broken off a major bridge, and I needed to do something before I had too much bone loss.”, he says. After his treatment was completed, Brad’s comments reinforce what so many other patients have said. “I eat better, chew better, smile a lot. I find that always helps.”, he says with a laugh. In fact, Brad’s positive outcome has even influenced his wife to undergo the same All-on-4 procedure to regain lost mouth function and restore her smile just like what Georgian Dental was able to achieve for her husband.



Meet Rose – Impressed by Georgian Dental’s Approach to All-on-4 Treatment

Rose needed to replace the 40-year-old repair work that was in place in her mouth as a result of an accident that she experienced in her youth. After undergoing some extractions to remove the old repairs and obtaining traditional dentures, Rose felt a strong desire for a superior, permanent solution. “I wanted something more permanent, so we decided to go on the All-on-4, which is an amazing procedure.”, Rose says, “Dr. Tan made the procedure very, very easy. I didn’t feel anything.”.

While Rose says she did see a couple of other dentists before coming to Georgian Dental, she was not comfortable with their approach. “Dr. Tan was totally the opposite.”, she recalls, “He gave me a couple of other options, which the other dentists did not. Since this is a pretty major procedure, I was very comfortable with no second thoughts about choosing Dr. Tan to perform this procedure.”


Get Started with the All-on-4 Dental Implant Solution Today

If you are struggling with the challenges of lost or damaged teeth, the All-on-4 procedure can transform your life just like it did for these and many other patients at Georgian Dental. The words of these patients carry a lot of weight when you consider how important this procedure was for them, and how impactful it was on their quality of life. The team here at Georgian Dental is honoured to have been selected by these patients to help restore their dental health and rejuvenate the appearance of their smiles, and we look forward to helping many more patients achieve the same goals.

To learn more about what the All-on-4 procedure can do for you, or to book your initial consultation and get started down the path to a full mouth restoration with All-on-4 dental implants, contact us today. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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