Let Your Smile Shine This Holiday Season With Cosmetic Dental Treatments

The winter holiday season is nearly here, and with it comes anticipation of all the social gatherings and joyous parties that will happen with friends and family this time of year. It’s an opportunity to get fancy and put your best face forward, so why not make sure that your smile is in tip-top shape before the party invitations start to arrive? There are several quick cosmetic dental procedures that you can book to get your smile looking great!

When you’re surrounded by friends and family, enjoying good cheer and laughter, your smile can draw a lot of attention. Before the party season kicks off, you’ll definitely want to make sure that your teeth are looking their best. Sticking to the recommended at-home oral care routine certainly helps to keep your mouth healthy and clean, but sometimes you want to put a little extra ‘wow’ in your smile.

Fortunately, there are several cosmetic dental treatments that you can book to improve the look of your teeth and gums, and there’s still time to secure your appointment prior to the start of the holiday season. Let’s explore how these different procedures are done, and discover the benefits they offer to improve the appearance of your smile.

Dental Hygiene, Scaling & Polishing Treatments

Perhaps the simplest and fastest way of improving the look of your smile before the holiday season is to arrange for a professional dental hygiene treatment. During your visit, you’ll receive a physical dental examination and have a discussion with the dentist or hygienist about any immediate concerns you may have about your teeth and the health of your mouth. After this, the cleaning treatment will start.

The process will begin by scaling any hardened tartar from the teeth. Tartar is a rough yellowish substance that started out as plaque, but over time has solidified onto the teeth. Once plaque hardens into tartar, the only way to remove it is with a professional scaling treatment. Tartar and plaque deposits are formed when bacteria is allowed to accumulate on the teeth and around the gums. These deposits are unsightly, foul-smelling, and are major contributors to gum inflammation. Over time, this can lead to gum infections and gum disease, also known as periodontitis. Scaling gets rid of nasty built-up tartar and prepares the surfaces of your teeth for the next step of the cleaning process.

After the scaling is completed, the teeth will be cleaned using a powerful toothbrush device and a specialized toothpaste designed to scrub away any residual tartar, remove surface stains from the teeth, and polish them to a smooth final finish. Following the brushing and polishing, your teeth will then be professionally flossed to remove any bacterial bits that are hiding in between the nooks and crannies of your teeth and gums. Flossing is the only way to reach certain spaces, and is a vital part of your oral health care routine. Finally, you will be given a small amount of antibacterial oral rinse with which to wash away any remaining loosened material and leave your mouth feeling fresh, clean, and rejuvenated.

This entire process has multiple benefits to the look and feel of your smile. First, any unsightly plaque and yellow tartar build-up will be removed. Second, surface stains will be polished away and the overall whiteness of your teeth will improve. Third, your breath will be fresher and you will see less inflammation and puffiness in the gums. For a quick and easy way to boost the look of your smile, a dental hygiene & tooth cleaning appointment is a great option.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening Treatments

For a more dramatic transformation in the appearance of your smile, you may want to consider a professional tooth whitening treatment. Over time, teeth gradually build-up stains and discoloration from the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Coffee, tea, chocolate, dark berries, and red wine are all examples of things that can stain the teeth. While a dental cleaning and polishing treatment will remove and reduce some of the surface staining, there are some deeper discolorations that may remain. A professional tooth whitening treatment penetrates deeper into the tooth enamel to lighten stains and restore a brighter, whiter appearance to your teeth.

Georgian Dental offers the Phillips Zoom Whitespeed® tooth whitening system, which is an advanced procedure that can whiten the teeth up to 8 shades. This innovative tooth whitening process is quick and easy, and provides noticeable results after just the first visit. Some patients may choose to repeat the treatment for up to three sessions to obtain the most dramatic change in the whiteness of their teeth. Each session is just 45 minutes long, and consists of the application of a concentrated whitening solution to the teeth, which is then activated by exposure to an intense beam of light from the specialized Zoom light emitter.

Whitening treatments are fast, easy, and can really add the ‘wow factor’ to your smile, just in time for the big party! Contact Georgian Dental today to learn about available appointments for a tooth whitening treatment and transform your smile this holiday season.

Restorative Dental Bonding

If you’ve experienced an accident or impact that resulted in a chip to one or more of your teeth, now is the time to have this damage repaired to restore your smile. Chipped teeth can be uncomfortable, reduce your ability to bite or chew properly, or may affect speech patterns. Plus, they can be very noticeable and make a person apprehensive about social situations where a chipped tooth may draw attention. Fortunately, most chipped teeth can be repaired quickly using a simple process known as dental bonding.

Dental bonding begins by examining the damaged tooth and determining the strength of what remains. If the tooth is still structurally sound and generally healthy, it will be cleaned and prepared for the next step. The dental bonding material starts out soft and moldable. It is applied to the chipped area and shaped to mimic the natural shape of the lost tooth section. Once the shaping is complete, the dental bonding is hardened and cured using a special UV light emitter. The result is a super-hard and durable replacement of the original tooth section. Dental bonding material is colour-matched to the patient’s natural tooth shade, making the repair virtually indistinguishable from the other teeth.

Chipped teeth should always be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent other dental issues from developing. If you have experienced this kind of damage to one of your teeth, don’t hesitate to call Georgian Dental today and book an appointment. We will coordinate with you to schedule your visit as soon as possible to perform the repair and get your smile looking great again!

Plan for a Gorgeous Smile in the New Year

This is also a great time to start planning for big changes in the coming year. Before the rush of the holidays kicks into high gear, why not book an appointment to learn more about advanced dental treatments that can truly transform the look of your smile? For example, to help straighten misaligned teeth and give yourself the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, there are many types of orthodontic braces to choose from. Whether you’re interested in traditional metal braces, subtle ceramic braces, super-fast accelerated braces, or the comfort and convenience of Invisalign invisible braces, now’s the time to get the process started.

In the event that you’ve experienced a lost tooth, there are multiple options available to restore full function to your mouth and fill in the unwanted gap in your smile. Dental bridges and dental implants are both very common procedures that are effective in solving the problem of single lost teeth. For more extensive cases of tooth loss or mouth damage, you may be interested to learn about the innovative All-on-4 dental implant treatment. This advanced procedure uses a series of strategically-placed dental implants on the top and bottom jaws to affix a full set of natural-looking replacement teeth and completely restore the entire mouth. It’s a life-changing procedure that has helped many patients attain a better quality of life and an improved overall state of well-being.

The team here at Georgian Dental is eager to speak with you and answer any questions about these treatments, or any other dental health concern you may have. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment and get your smile back in style with a fast and easy cosmetic dental procedure to look and feel your best this season!

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