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Explaining Fast Braces and How They Work

There aren’t many of us that are fortunate enough to have been genetically predisposed to having perfectly straight teeth. Most of us have at least a few teeth that are in positions in our jaws that are less than ideal, and there are many more that have significant misalignments in their teeth. To correct these misalignments and get you the perfectly shaped smile that you’ve always wanted, you’ll need to undergo some form of orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment occurs most commonly in the form of braces on the teeth to gradually correct their position through a series of incremental adjustments over time. Unfortunately for many people, the thought of having braces on their teeth for a year or more is off-putting and less than desirable. In some cases, it can take traditional braces and orthodontic treatment up to two years or more to achieve the necessary results for certain patients.

Understandably, some patients are apprehensive about undergoing orthodontic treatment to correct their dental misalignments because of this lengthy timeline. The thought of having visible braces on your teeth for many months, as well as the occasional discomfort from tightening and adjustments, aren’t exactly great selling features of braces, in spite of the great results that they produce.

Fortunately, orthodontic technology and techniques have advanced significantly over the years, paving the way for advanced orthodontic methods designed to achieve the same final results in far less time. This is good news for anyone who’s been putting off their orthodontic treatment because of the time needed to complete it. This new method is known as ‘Accelerated Braces’, or simply ‘Fast Braces’, and has become well-known for its speedy treatment timeline and excellent results in straightening teeth for a wide variety of patients.

In this article, we will help explain the details of what is involved in using Fast Braces for orthodontic treatment. We will cover what Fast Braces are, how Fast Braces work, and whether they could potentially be the right fit for your personal orthodontic treatment. First, let’s take a quick look at what the different components of Fast Braces are.

What Are Fast Braces?

The Fast Braces method of orthodontic treatment is actually comprised of two elements. First, there is the actual orthodontic appliances that are affixed to your teeth. These are very similar in appearance and function to a set of traditional metal or ceramic braces. The appliances consist of a set of brackets which are fastened one-by-one to the outer-facing side of each tooth with a strong dental adhesive.

The brackets themselves are slightly different than those of traditional braces in order to more effectively work with the advanced method of adjustment used in the Fast Braces process. These special brackets are then connected by a wire that runs through each bracket on your top teeth, and a second wire running through the brackets on your bottom teeth. Incremental adjustments are made to the appliances to apply pressure to the teeth and gradually reposition them over time.

The second element of Fast Braces is a series of treatment sessions that utilize advanced subsonic wave and phototherapy methods that aid in the acceleration of the movement of the teeth towards their final position. These special treatments are the key to achieving results in a far shorter timeline when compared to traditional orthodontics, as they allow the pressure from the appliances to more effectively move the teeth to the new locations with less effort and in less time.

How Do Fast Braces Work?

The secret to the accelerated treatment timeline of Fast Braces is the unique combination of advanced orthodontic appliance design and the supplementary therapy targeting the biological components that hold your teeth in position, also known as the dental arches. This two-faceted approach to orthodontic treatment drastically reduces the necessary time to achieve the desired results when compared to traditional methods.

The subsonic and phototherapy sessions help to stimulate cells in the body called osteoclasts and osteoblasts, which aid in the removal and deposition of bone. By stimulating the activity of those cells, the bone in the treatment area of the dental arches changes shape faster and more effectively, helping to further shorten the time needed to complete the repositioning of the teeth.

In some cases, the Fast Braces accelerated orthodontic treatment can be completed in half the time that it would take traditional braces to achieve the same results. This substantial time difference is the main reason why Fast Braces have gained so much popularity, and why those patients who choose this method are so satisfied with the results they attain through this approach.

Are Fast Braces Right for Me?

It’s not unusual for many older patients to believe that braces and orthodontic treatments are only for teens and young adults. It’s a common belief that once a certain age has been reached, the ability for orthodontic treatment diminishes and it’s no longer a viable option. In reality, however, this is not the case. Orthodontic treatments can be performed on patients of all ages, not just younger people.

Similarly, Fast Braces are a perfectly suitable choice for conducting tooth straightening treatments on patients of all ages. However, optimum time savings and the fastest treatment timelines are achieved in pre-teens and teenagers, while the bones in the jaw are still growing and developing.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in having orthodontic work done to correct misaligned teeth, you should first get in touch with your dentist or orthodontist to have your first consultation and begin the process of evaluating your options. They will be able to determine the best treatment methods for you based on your goals, your current dental health, and your past dental history. It’s important to make sure that your orthodontist has a complete understanding of all the factors in order to recommend the best possible course of treatment to meet your goals.

Where Can I Get Fast Braces?

Since Fast Braces uses advanced techniques and specialized equipment, not all orthodontists offer it as an option to their patients. Georgian Dental® is proud to offer Fast Braces to our patients in need of orthodontic work, and we recommend it due to shorter timelines and less discomfort as patients undergo the treatment to achieve straighter teeth and a perfect smile.

If you feel that Fast Braces may be right for you, the first step is to book your initial consultation with the team here at Georgian Dental®. We will be happy to begin the process with a discussion with you on what your goals are and explain in greater detail what your personalized treatment plan may look like. We will take the time to go over all the specifics with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have about how Fast Braces work, and what you can expect throughout your treatment.

Contact us today to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation on Fast Braces as a method to get your smile in style and attain the beautiful, straight teeth you’ve always wanted. We also offer informative seminars on a variety of orthodontic treatment options, including Fast Braces, that you can attend to learn more about this unique approach to accelerating results and getting straighter teeth in less time.

Check out our schedule of seminars here, or book a consultation with us here.

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