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Fast Braces Facts – Get to know Fast Braces

Being diagnosed with a misalignment and being told that you need to wear braces is a difficult moment for most. You must accept that your daily routine will change in addition to being worried about the social stigma associated with having your smile infiltrated by clunky metal.

Having to avoid certain foods and beverages is tough but often the real challenge is treatment duration. In most cases, a patient must wear braces for up to two years. That’s two years of adjustments, not chewing gum and feeling self-conscious.

Patients who are worried about spending years in braces can opt for Fast Braces. This is a safe and innovative treatment that effectively straightens teeth in less time without costing a bundle. If you are a candidate, this unique method can ease your anxiety and help you speed through the rather uncomfortable experience of wearing braces.

Let’s explore Fast Braces and what they offer patients. We’ll compare them to traditional braces to illustrate the differences. Next, we’ll take you through the typical Fast Braces treatment so you know what to expect from the process and to set a realistic expectation for results.

Traditional Braces

Years ago, braces were a necessary but unsightly and cumbersome treatment that halted a person’s life for an extended period.

Nowadays, braces have evolved to be more durable, smaller and even less noticeable. Despite being more effective than ever before, they still require a long-term commitment. As you can imagine, this can be disheartening for many patients regardless of their age.

The goal of braces is to straighten teeth into the final position determined by your orthodontist. With respect to which method is best, your orthodontist will offer their professional recommendation for your case, which could eliminate you as a candidate from certain treatments. Often, though, patients have a few options and must choose based on what best suits their lifestyle.

Currently, the most common type of braces is made of metal. They are known to fix gaps, overbites and underbites but they tend to feel the heaviest in your mouth and can be spotted from a distance. Still, for patients who need the sturdiest and most reliable option, metal braces are probably the way to go.

Ceramic braces offer the same treatment duration and predictable results as metal braces but they blend into the colour of your teeth and feel more natural. They strike a strong balance between strength and functionality to ensure you complete treatment with no hiccups. The hitch is that they lack durability, so they are often used in conjunction with metal braces.

Invisalign is a set of removable clear aligners that have been a true orthodontic revolution. They are custom made and allow you to eat and drink whatever you want if you commit to wearing them for the required number of hours a day. Your orthodontist will determine treatment length but it’s typically comparable to metal or ceramic braces.

With Invisalign, you must commit to the responsibility of wearing the aligners and remembering to put them back in your mouth after removing them. For instance, if you take them out to enjoy dinner, you need to put them back in right after and maybe even wear them while you sleep. If you think this would be difficult for you than you might want to consider a different method.

It’s recommended to sit down with your dentist and/or orthodontist to discuss which route might be best for you, and to voice any preferences or concerns you might have.

Before and After – Traditional Braces

Most patients have one or more of the following issues leading to a braces diagnosis:

  • Extra or missing teeth
  • Teeth that awkwardly meet
  • Delayed adult teeth
  • Jaws and teeth that are not in proportion to your face
  • An overbite, underbite or crossbite

For mild to moderate cases, braces treatments offer relatively similar results if the patient closely follows the parameters outlined by their orthodontist. This involves attending regular checkups, caring for your braces and maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine.

Traditional braces have an excellent success rate. Most patients who complete treatment enjoy a straight row or rows of teeth and a smile they can flash with pride. Additionally, they live with better oral health and less likelihood of experiencing other dental issues.

Fast Braces

Georgian Dental was the first clinic to offer Fast Braces to residents of Muskoka-Simcoe County. They provide a distinct advantage over their traditional counterparts in that patients can enjoy the same results in roughly half the time.

They work by marrying subsonic wave therapy with phototherapy and combining them with an orthodontic bracket and wire technology that was specifically designed for this treatment. By only having to endure braces for half the time, you can safeguard your emotional well-being and turn it into a more positive experience.

This treatment is known to keep people motivated and to reduce any dread they might be feeling. Fast braces let people stay confident and continue with their social and professional lives knowing that they won’t have to endure two arduous years of treatment. This aligns with our philosophy of holistic dentistry, which recognizes the impact oral care can have on other aspects of patients’ lives. It does so by combining cutting-edge technologies, advanced treatments and healing traditions.

Our Accelerated Braces system seamlessly integrates modern technologies to help patients achieve straighter teeth by carefully manipulating the biological components whose job it is to support teeth. This includes stimulating the vascular supply to body cells to encourage proper bone deposition and quicker results that don’t pose health or safety risks.

Before and After – Fast Braces

Our patients who have undergone the Fast Braces treatment have been pleased with the results and rave about the amount of time it took. We also hear from many parents about how Fast Braces minimized their child’s initial negativity and overall anxiety.

In most cases, a candidate’s teeth are some combination of misaligned, unlevelled and/or rotated. After treatment, though, the teeth are straight, the two rows naturally meet and they experience more comfort in their mouth.

For example, we have a young patient whose teeth were crooked and misshapen to the point that she was unable to comfortably chew and bite. She underwent Fast Braces treatment in 2015 when she was 12-years-old. The total duration was six months and included the use of two sets of essix retainers (removable retainers made of a transparent plastic). Today, her teeth are beautifully aligned and she enjoys a perfectly straight smile and much improved oral health.

Fast Braces are a great option for kids and teenagers who feel anxious or self-conscious about wearing braces. It’s also good for adults who are concerned about the impact it could have on their everyday lives.

For most, braces aren’t an easy treatment and we’re committed to working with patients to find the best solution for their teeth and for their emotional wellbeing.

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