Implant Supported Dentures Are A Better Solution

Traditional dentures are a useful, but temporary solution to tooth loss. However, they can often lead to complications such as discomfort, irritation, and bone loss over extended periods of time. Fortunately, Dr. Adam Tan DMD FAGD AIAOMT and Dr. Siu Ng offer a solution known as a Locator Denture in Barrie, Ontario.

How does it work?

Dr. Adam Tan DMD FAGD AIAOMT and Dr. Siu Ng offer a solution known as a LOCATOR DENTURE, which is a dental implant retained denture in Barrie, Ontario. This is an innovative solution that combines the convenience of a removable denture with the stability and longevity of dental implants. This solution allows adjustments for the degree of denture retention. In some of our cases, there is so much retention that our patients can only remove their denture with a special tool! (we provide this tool to our patients  for free.) In most cases the bulk of acrylic around the edges of the denture is removed for comfort. This means no more painful denture sores, no more embarrassing loose, ill fitting dentures, no more denture clicking, no more denture discomfort, no more use of dental paste and in some cases, no more plate to cover the roof of the mouth that block the taste and texture of your food or that could cause you to gag. Wouldn’t life be more comfortable – and don’t you deserve to be confident?

Dr. Tan has also developed a unique ConfidentURe® process that will help you get those high-quality results fast. The ConfidentURe® process includes  an upgraded denture retention system that is even stronger and longer lasting, compared to the current ‘gold’ standard and provides a one of a kind ConfidentURe® warranty that includes a lifetime warranty for the dental implant and an amazing 10-year (TEN) warranty on the anchoring system, the first of its kind in Canada!

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

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Comparatively lower cost

inspiring denture stability

Bone loss is prevented

Increased comfort

Taste your food again

Less impingement of the tongue

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