Headache Symptoms

Therapeutic treatment of severe nocturnal bruxism and migraine headaches are uniquely treated at Georgian Dental® with injectable therapy using Botox®.

This form of therapeutic treatment can be helpful if you have experienced:

  • Soreness in your cheeks, and neck in the morning
  • Headaches occurring daily several times weekly
  • Pain behind your eyes, across your forehead, in your shoulders or at the back of your head at the base of your skull
  • If you are taking medications for migraines and wish to stop the hassel and side effects from having to take those medications

Details about Headache Treatment from Dental Causes

Injectable therapy could be a possible solution. Call Georgian Denta® today to arrange for a consultation. If you are a candidate for therapeautic injectables therapy – we’ll arrange for an assessment and help with determining treatment that could help make a difference.

Free Dental Consultation

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