ConfidentURe™ – NEW!

ConfidentURe™ is a unique method developed by Dr. Tan to identify, plan, treat and maintain patients who have ‘terminal dentition’. Patients with teeth that have not been stable for more than a 10 year stretch typically have teeth, gum and jaw joint issues that are beyond what conventional restorative dentistry can predictably fix. Often times, attempts to fill and crown the few remaining in a dental arch is futile as the incredible power of 171lb of chewing force generated by the average adult quickly decimates attempts at ‘heroic dentistry’.

More About ConfidentURe™

Have you invested in fillings, crown or bridges in the last few years only to be told that the dentistry needs to be replaced again? Sometimes this rapid deterioration of dental restoration occurs inspite of the best intentions – you may have ‘terminal dentition.’ Dr. Tan’s ConfidentURe™ process helps determine if you are an appropriate candidate for treatment ranging from partial rehabilitation to whole mouth reconstruction which will include the replacement of bone, gum and teeth.

Using published, proven tilted implant concepts and computer guided treatment design and time tested biomechanics, the ConfidentURe™ process will help patients get long lasting, immediate, teeth-in-a-day results! We’ve seen our patients transform and be able to finally, fully express themselves and live life as it was meant to be. Further, research on implants used in the ConfidentURe™ method show a 10 year increase in average lifespan of individuals treated.

Now that’s something to smile about! The ConfidentURe™ method also helps make this type of breakthrough results attainable and affordable for out patients. Call our ConfidentURe™ specialists today for a free consultation. (value $350.00) and determine if you are a candidate for this potentially life changing care today.


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