Dental Materials Compatibility Screening

We work closely with a recognized Naturopathic Doctor to test for your body’s response against a database of material signatures. There are several different methods to determine dental materials compatibility. One method that we use evaluates material electromagnetic signatures of the material sample against your body’s response to the sample.

More About Dental Materials

The Database of Dental Materials include different material options with different ingredients and different best use applications. The results will help Dr. Tan determine what materials to absolutely avoid and what materials we can safely use for your dental rehabilitation. The test is painless and provides for a full report of sensitivity for all of the materials we could possibly use during the course of your treatment at Georgian Dental®. Another method involves your body’s antibody reaction to a materials database. This method requires a blood draw sample. The report assesses your blood antigen response compared against a database of over 40,000 patients and hundreds of thousands of popular dental materials.


For chemically sensitive individuals, we also review the suitability specific detoxification protocols with a Naturopathic Doctor. Detoxification can help make our patients less sensitive to certain ingredients and more tolerant to foreign substances in general. This will make is it easier for you to use the best materials from a functional perspective, rather than sometimes having to resort to less than ideal materials that would be mandated due to chemical sensitivities. If you have chronic inflammation around your existing dentistry in your mouth that has not resolved, you could have a dental material sensitivity.


Your next step is to contact Georgian Dental® Barrie or Georgian Dental® Orillia to speak with our Holistic Dentistry Treatment Specialists. For Barrie dentist, call (705) 739-6725. For Orillia dentist, call (705) 325-1765. Our team will help to arrange a complimentary consultation to determine if you can benefit from a Dental Material Sensitivity Screening.

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