Dental Nightguards

If you often wake up with jaw pain, earaches, or headaches, or if you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth, you may have a common condition called “bruxism”.


If you tend to grind your teeth every night while you sleep, you could be doing damage to both your jaws and your teeth. Being fit for a custom dental nightguard can help alleviate pain, and protect your teeth.


Bruxism can be very dangerous to your jaw, teeth and overall health. The common reasons are stress, anxiety, missing teeth, crooked teeth, an abnormal bite or sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Not everyone experiences morning headaches, so you’ll want to have your dentist check for wear on your teeth or jaw tenderness during checkups.


If not corrected, bruxism can be painful and lead to broken or cracked teeth, enamel loss along with a slew of other health issues. It could eventually result in the need for dental bridges, implants or even dentures. Many people do not even know that they grind their teeth and it is by no means a problem limited to adults. Children can also grind their teeth while they sleep. The good news is that there is an easy, non-invasive treatment for bruxism: dental nightguards.

Custom Dental Nightguards

Nightguards are an easy way to prevent the damage that teeth-grinding causes over time. Custom-made by your dentist from soft material to fit your teeth, a nightguard is inserted over your top or bottom arch and prevents contact with the opposing teeth. A nightguard doesn’t prevent your teeth from grinding or lower your stress level or remove the biting issue that could be causing the problem. Its sole purpose is to absorb any impact from the action of grinding.


Our Georgian Dental® team will make sure that your nightguard rests comfortably in your mouth and that you will be able to sleep without issue. While it might seem awkward to wear, you will be able to breath and speak easily and might even sleep better. We’ll inspect the piece during your regular checkups to make sure that it isn’t damaged and has the appropriate markings consistent with grinding.


Since it is going in your mouth, you will want to clean your nightguard daily. You can use a toothbrush and clean it as you would your teeth or you can use the same methods that you would to clean dentures. Diligence is key when it comes to caring for a nightguard but also you must make sure to wear it every time you sleep…yes, even during those Sunday afternoon naps.


Most importantly, teeth grinding is not an issue you want to let fester as the symptoms will only worsen. It’s best to speak with a dentist who can help you feel better and put a treatment plan into place that will see you properly fitted for a dental nightguard.

Nightguard Consultations

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