Dental Clinics Open in Ontario!

The Chief Medical Officer and Ontario Dental regulatory organizations have announced as of 5pm Sunday May 31st 2020 that dental care is now open for the province of Ontario!  Time to get your care back on track!

Ontario Dental Clinics Now Open – Sunday, May 31st, 2020

I wanted you to know the good news as quickly as possible because I know you have been very patient with holding off on your dental maintenance for over 2 months.

I wanted to share a video of what my team has been preparing for to ensure that safety will be our highest priority.

Go ahead and call in to the clinic to help schedule your appointment, please leave a message if the phones are busy. I’m getting more staff online to help minimize wait times for you.

For scheduling please call:

Georgian Dental Barrie: 705.739.6725
Georgian Dental Orillia: 705.325.1765

Wishing you good health and safety,

Dr. Adam Tan DMD


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