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This section of the blog is devoted to providing patients with other dental related, and sometimes completely unrelated content.  If you have something to share, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Just for Fun Posts – Random Sharing!

Sweet Science

Mathematicians at NYU have an updated--and more scientifically rigorous--solution to the Tootsie Pop problem and their number is much higher: 1,000 licks. These researchers first developed a theory for how flowing liquid dissolves and shrinks

Robotic Dental Surgery has arrived!

My clinical team and our doctors have always quipped that dentistry would likely survive the coming age of robotic automation as an increasing number of traditional roles become obsolete. However, technological advancements in AI

Migraines and Headaches Repercussions


Smiles on Us 2017 – Saturday June 10th 8 am – 2pm

Smiles On Us 2017 Saturday June 10th 8am-2pm. Georgian Dental® Barrie. Free Dentistry 2015 SOU FLASHBACK! Thank You 2015 Smiles On Us Volunteers! You all did an incredible job and really made

Smiles On US 2017

This year, Georgian Dental® Barrie will be providing free dentistry on Saturday June 10th from 8am to 2pm. This event is run completely by volunteers who are passionate about caring and who love what they

Robert De Niro and Mercury

Embed from Getty Images How is Robert De Niro connected with Mercury? According to the World Mercury Project - a developing event that seems similar to an XPrize challenge that ect initiative to  "find a

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