Finally there is a research about salt intake and heart failures.  To dispel some of the myth that a low sodium diet would be beneficial for health and particularly essential for the prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases, its essential to know that table salt as we know it is just not enough..  There is another component to the puzzle, and that’s potassium.  If salt intake is increased, potassium intake should also be increased.  Just increasing sodium on its own could give negative result.  That’s the key to how increasing your salt intake can reduce hypertension.

So the type of salt that you consume is essential. avoid regular table salt and go for a full essential mineral containing sea salt or iodized sea salt. Regular table salt contains only and none of the ‘full spectrum’ of minerals that your body needs in the perfect percentages that is otherwise found in sea salt.

I highly recommend including sea salt as part of a homeopathic medicine chest as there are a multitude of uses for sea salt, including making your own saline rinses that can be used post surgically and nasal rinses. Click here for a recipe from the Hospital for Sick Kids using sea salt and sterile water for nasal rinses to cut cold and flu symptoms.


Link to Dr. Mercola article:

Reducing Salt Intake Might Harm Heart Failure Patients

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