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Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth

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Barrie Dentist and Orillia Dentist Dr. Adam Tan has implemented an accredited protocol he created called MercuryRescue™ that has been proven to significantly reduce high mercury concentrations levels during the mercury removal process. These protocols help to safely reduce or eliminate patient and practitioner mercury exposure during a very volatile phase for mercury concentrations during treatment. Holistic dentistry with Mercury Safe and Mercury Free protocols are combined at Georgian Dental® with metal free materials such as 3D printed ceramics alloys to replace mercury containing fillings, often done in one appointment! If you think a holistic dentist can be of assistance in reaching your health goals, call the Orillia Dentist or Barrie Dentists that innovated MercuryRescue™ at Georgian Dental®. Georgian Dental® Barrie (705)739-6725. Georgian Dental® Orillia (705)325-1765. Call today for a free 15 minute consultation. They will work with a network of holistic practitioners within the community and help find the best dentist in Barrie for your specific needs.


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