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Here’s Why a Holistic Approach to Your Dental Care is More Important Than Ever

Keeping yourself and your family healthy throughout the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic must be your top priority. One way you can boost your overall health and immune system strength is through holistic dental care.

While we all wish there was a magic wand we could wave that would keep us healthy throughout our lives, sadly this is not the case. It takes effort, diligence, and care to ensure that our bodies, minds, and souls are all supported with what they need to stay strong and resilient to whatever life may throw at us. Of course, the global COVID-19 pandemic was something none of us could have predicted, and for countless people it has caused a great deal of disruption across many different aspects of life. These recent events have reinforced the critical importance of taking care of your health with a comprehensive approach from head to toe, inside and out.

Proper dental care is an essential part of this, as a healthy mouth, strong teeth, and beautiful smile can have far-reaching effects on our overall well-being. This is why we firmly believe that a holistic approach to dental care is one of the best ways to improve your health and support all your body functions, including a strong immune system.

In order to understand how holistic dentistry can have such notable benefits on the human body, it’s important to first distinguish how this approach differs from what is considered to be ‘traditional’ dental care. Let’s take a look at what holistic dental care really means, and how it varies from the common dental practices you may already be familiar with.

How Does Holistic Dentistry Differ from Traditional Dentistry?

The biggest difference between these two approaches to dental care is how holistic dentistry encompasses many other aspects of our lives to form a more complete view of what factors are affecting the health of our mouths, and in turn, how the health of our mouths affects other elements of our well-being.

It’s been well documented that certain types of lifestyle choices can have major impacts on the health of our mouths. For example, smoking and other types of tobacco use can cause significant degradation of the health of our mouths. Excess alcohol consumption and poor diet are two other examples of lifestyle factors that can cause oral health problems to form or worsen at an accelerated rate.

Other important elements of our lifestyle and overall well-being that holistic dentistry will consider as part of your care are factors such as the quality of sleep, stress levels, genetic conditions, family health history, and anything else that could have a contributing effect to your state of dental health. Holistic dentistry works to identify the many different aspects of our lives that are affecting the quality of our oral health, and provide guidance and advice accordingly.

A holistic dentist will work in sync with you, communicating and discussing all the different ways that you can attain a higher quality of life and improve your overall health and well-being through proper dental care, diet, and lifestyle changes. By changing from a traditional approach to dentistry to a holistic approach, you will realize many unique benefits that will help enhance your oral health and improve your overall well-being.

Let’s explore some of the many wide-ranging benefits that holistic dental care has to offer.

Benefits of Holistic Dental Care

A Personalized Approach

One of the most powerful aspects of holistic dental care is how completely personalized the care will be to suit the unique needs of each individual patient. Your holistic dentist will conduct extensive research on your health history and ask relevant questions regarding your lifestyle, diet, and health habits in order to tailor your treatment plan specifically to your individual needs. This means that you get the maximum results from your dental care, because each treatment and procedure is selected and configured precisely for you.

Working Towards a Zero-Mercury World

Although mercury fillings were common in years past, research on the effects of mercury in dental fillings on the human body has revealed just how detrimental it is over the long run. Because of this, holistic dental approaches all restorative dental work with materials that are 100% free of mercury in any capacity. In addition, holistic dentists will work to extract any existing fillings that contain mercury and replace them with modern mercury-free dental amalgam material.

Furthermore, holistic dentists will develop a plan with the patient to attempt to reverse any negative health effects that may have begun to accumulate while the mercury filling was in place. Georgian Dental’s Mercury Rescue methodology combines multiple medical disciplines to combat the effects of mercury toxicity and restore the health of the patient.

Minimally Invasive Procedures & Reduced Emphasis on Medications

The holistic dental philosophy includes a great deal of focus on the natural healing abilities of the human body, and aims to reduce the time needed to fully recover from certain dental procedures by using the most minimally-invasive techniques to achieve success.

Advancements in dental treatments, such as the pinhole surgical technique (PST) for treating gum disease and gum recession, are able to produce more profound results with smaller incisions and shorter, more precise surgical methods.

In addition, holistic dentistry attempts to minimize the reliance on painkillers and powerful medications that are typically associated with some types of dental procedures, in favour of more natural methods of recovery and pain control whenever possible.

Stronger Immune System & Increased Resiliency

Throughout the holistic dental care methodology, proper nutrition, sleep quality, exercise, and healthy living habits are reinforced and encouraged with great enthusiasm. All of these elements are intertwined and play major roles in your overall health and the strength and potency of your immune system. By elevating your health in each of these critical areas, holistic dental care helps to improve your overall quality of life and make you less susceptible to many types of preventable health issues.

Getting Started with Holistic Dental Care

Taking new steps to improve the quality of your health and enhance your overall well-being can start with something as easy as a simple phone call or email. The team here at Georgian Dental welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about the difference that holistic dental care can make in your life, and what a holistic treatment plan might look like for your unique needs and goals. We will start the process by arranging for a no-obligation consultation with you and review what you wish to achieve in both the short-term and the long-term when it comes to your dental care.

From there, we will conduct an analysis of your current state of health, including thorough examinations of your dental history, x-rays, and other test results that may be warranted in order to get a complete understanding of what dental treatments would benefit you the most. In addition, you’ll receive ongoing guidance and advice related to general nutrition and healthy living habits. If sleep quality is a concern, we can arrange for an expert sleep analysis to obtain more clarity on what may be causing disruptions to your sleep.

If you’re ready to start down the path towards a more comprehensive and in-depth form of dental care, now is the time to pick up the phone and make the call to Georgian Dental. We look forward to speaking with you and working together with you to form a long-term dental health care plan that will deliver the better quality of life and improved sense of well-being that you deserve. Experience the difference that holistic dental care can make in your life!

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