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We will never go back to pre-COVID19 normal

This was hard news on a Monday, with the announcement by the Government of Ontario to extend the state of emergency by another 28 days to the middle of May 2020. However,  if there’s anything any of us have become in these past three weeks, is resilient to the events unfolding around us. This MIT Technology Review article outlines some hard truth: “This isn’t a temporary disruption. It’s the start of a completely different way of life.”

My team at Georgian Dental® and I have embraced this reality and are preparing for our future. Meredith, our Registered Dental Hygienist at Georgian Dental® Barrie has tips on maintaining your dental care until we’re able to get you back on track for your ongoing maintenance. Click on her 30 second video below! Registered Dental Hygienist Conni from Georgian Dental® Orillia advises to “never leave your toothbrush out in your washroom,” as a best practice to prevent aerosol contamination created during a toilet flush. Remember to keep the commode lid down after use and before flushing. Change your toothbrush regularly (every three months or more frequently if there’s a pandemic surge occurring.)

In the next series of posts, I’ll cover long term protection strategies that you can easily use immediately at home. For example, with the encouragement from patients like you, I can report on the research on the use of high dose Vitamin C, which is finally gaining ground in mainstream allopathic and COVID19 frontline medicine.

As our patient, I have a helpful concept you can adapt your personal health practices to this new age or your Personal Active Defense System (PADS). Recommendations by Public Health, including hand washing, physical distancing and self-isolation should be fundamental layer of protection for PADS, but you’ll need more than fundamentals. You’ll need a set of disciplined, layered strategies to create multiple layers of prevention. Each of those layers must be easy to implement and will vastly improve your chances of survival, while being reinforced with a ‘shields up’ strategy during pandemic surges.

Here’s a quick peek of one of the defensive layers provided from a naturopath’s recommendation I work with. As with any online medical advice, your unique circumstance and health must dictate what prescriptions, dosage, medicines, supplements and practices will be the safest for you. Your dosage will vary. For example, high dosage Vitamin C can be potentially dangerous for certain individuals. Please always consult with an experienced and knowledgeable medical or naturopathic practitioner.

  • Vitamin C. 5000 (minimum) per day
  • D3 3000 to 5000 per day
  • Vitamin k2 Mk7
  • Keep hydrated (1/2 oz pure spring water per lb of weight)
  • Use hand sanitizers (Thieves Essential Oil, isopropyl alcohol 70% minimum, I’ll have more alternatives shortly)

If you think you have been exposed any or all of these will do the trick:

  • 1 Tsp Colloidal Silver per day
  • 2 drops of Oregano Oil
  • Echinacea
  • Olive Leaf extract
  • Zinc citrate lozenges
  • Aloe Vera 1 oz of juice per day

This is not a complete list, there are more items and strategies that are part of the PADS protocol – stay tuned!

Did you know?

We have a “shields up” strategy that we employ whenever a pandemic surge is predicted by the WHO that affects Canada.

Our unique Sanitization Quality Assurance Directive (SQuAD™) protocols include increased frequency of sanitation cycles especially in high traffic areas and disinfectant ‘Fogging’ treatment in common areas. Our patients love our SQuAD™ protocols which introduced the use of Zero Waiting Room Syndrome™ Protocols to promote physical distancing in dental clinics.

Our experience with SARS, H1N1, MERS, ZIKA, Swine Flu, Bird flu has prepared us with protocols that we continue to implement to this day including daily Ozone flooding of the clinic airspace and single use, surgical booties or sanitized closed cell foam patient footwear when you’re in the clinic.

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